5 ways to ensure your daughter’s first shave goes smoothly

5 ways to ensure your daughter’s first shave goes smoothly

It’ll be one of her first steps into womanhood, and it’s important you’re there to give her a helping hand. Here’s how…

It seems only yesterday you were helping her take her first ever steps, and now, in the blink of an eye, she’s stepping into womanhood.

But, just like when she was a wobbly toddler, it’s important for you to be there to hold her hand now, too.

From talking about body image to making sure she doesn’t get any nasty nicks, here are some guidelines on what to cover when it comes to your daughter’s first shaving experience.

1. Listen and learn

If your daughter has said she wants to start shaving, ask her why. It’s probably because her friends do it, or perhaps she has become self-conscious about dark hair on her legs.

Use the opportunity for her to open up about how she sees herself and make sure she knows she’s beautiful no matter what. Teach her that she should only make changes in order to make herself feel happy and confident, rather than doing it for anyone else.

2. Separate fact from fiction

It’s likely that your daughter has already spoken to her friends about shaving and looked online for tips, but it’s important she knows she can come to you for guidance and to help bust any myths she may have heard.

For example, it’s often believed that shaving will cause hair to grow back quicker, thicker and darker, but hair growth is down to genetics – so she’ll have you to thank (or blame!) for that, not shaving.

She may also want to know about other forms of hair removal, and you can let her know why shaving is the best option for her right now, as it’s easy, cheap, pain-free and convenient, with no need to go to a salon.

3. Go shopping for a shaving kit

It’s important your daughter has the right tools so she doesn’t cut herself and gets smooth, soft results.

If she’s not yet at that stage where it’s, like, totally embarrassing to be seen out with her mum, then use it as an excuse to head to the shops for a girly day out together.

The first place to start is finding the right razor. These are the things to look for.

• Make sure you buy a razor designed for women. Rounded, pivoting heads adjust to all the curves and contours of a woman’s body to help prevent any part of the razor head from digging into her skin.

• While it might appear safer to go with fewer blades, a razor with five, for example, actually allows for a safer, smoother shave as they individually adjust to stay in contact with the skin, even on super curvy areas like knees and ankles.

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• Look for razors with built-in lubrication for an extra smooth shave.

• Ensure the handle is ergonomically designed for great grip control, even in slippery conditions like the bath or shower.

Razors from Gillette Venus, such as Venus Embrace Sensitive or Venus & Olay are great options as they tick every box.

If you’re still unsure, get her to take our online quiz to find out which razor will suit her.

Next up is shaving gel, which is particularly good for beginners as it will help create a guide for where she has and hasn’t shaved. Try Gillette Satin Care Shaving Gel Violet Swirl with a Touch of Olay for a moisturised shave.

Finally, finish off the kit with a body lotion to help keep her skin soft and smooth.

4. Walk her through it

Don’t just pass her the razor and leave her to it. Stay with her when she shaves for the first time (she can wear a bikini in the bath if she gets embarrassed!).

Show her to shave against the direction of her hair growth, starting at her ankles. Make sure she doesn’t press too hard and knows that she only needs to shave the same area once. Also warn her to be extra careful around knobbly areas like her knees and ankles.

And if she wants to shave under her arms, teach her to raise her arm to make the skin taut and shave against the hair growth – which isn’t always in the same direction!

5. Be there for her

Your daughter’s first shave is a big step. When out shopping, buy her a small gift to mark the occasion, or suggest a pamper day for the two of you together.

She’s growing up fast, so enjoy these precious moments and let her know it’s always best to come to mum when she wants womanly advice.

For more tips, see our article Help your daughter avoid the three big shaving mistakes.

How did you teach your daughter to shave for the first time? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Applying a little hair conditioner to your legs whilst shaving does really help to make the razor glide smoother especially to dry skin .

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