Beauty Breakthrough: Stannous Fluoride

Beauty Breakthrough: Stannous Fluoride

Five things you didn’t know about Oral-B’s super toothpaste ingredient

We admit it: 90% of the science that goes into our favourite beauty products is, well, over our heads. But we’ve decoded the latest toothpaste super-ingredient, stannous fluoride in a language that ordinary mortals like you and me can understand. Here’s what you need to know:

Q. What is it?

A: It’s simple really: it’s an antibacterial agent that’s clinically proven to protect against gum problems, cavities, tooth sensitivity and bad breath.

Q. So, what’s the big deal?

A: Stannous fluoride has been around forever – it was first introduced in the 1950s in Crest toothpaste and hailed as a major scientific breakthrough, making it the first toothpaste to earn the American Dental Association’s Seal for cavity protection. However, it was later discontinued and replaced the less effective sodium fluoride, which had a longer shelf life.


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Q. Why bring it back now?

A: Scientists always knew that stannous fluoride was superior to sodium fluoride, but it took many more years until a stabilised stannous fluoride was developed.

Finally, in 2010 Oral-B scientists found a way to combine the properties of stannous fluoride with the whitening powers of more modern ingredients, leading to a game-changing new wave of premium toothpastes.

Q. Why do I need it?

A: Don’t just take our word for it, clinical studies showed stannous fluoride reduces the bacteria that causes plaque and cavities by 33% compared with an ordinary toothpaste. Studies also confirmed a 56% reduction in tartar and a 42% reduction in enamel loss. In other words, for brighter, healthier teeth, it wins hands down.

We recommend:

Oral Pro Expert Premium Gum Protection Toothpaste, as it goes one step further, reducing gum problems and aiding plaque removal, as well as protecting against cavities, sensitivity, enamel, tartar, whitening and bad breath.

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The Silk-expert is a delight

The Silk-expert is a delight


My opinion of the Braun Silk-expert has gone from strength to strength, it's been so easy to use and a delight to try out, I have been delighted with the results over the last 4 weeks and I'm so happy with the fact I am seeing less hair grow and at a slower rate than usual. This is a great product and really has changed the way I feel about IPL in a positive way! Thanks Braun.


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