Expert Trends

Expert Trends

Back to school fever may have hit, BUT don’t jump into autumn head first. Check out my 4 autumn new season updates that work right now.

1. Try a power parting
I’ve been comfortably working a relaxed middle parting all summer long, but at the autumn catwalks, an androgynous side parting dominated. So I’ll be digging out my fine-tooth comb and training my locks over to one side. This small twist takes your hair from carefree to sophisticated without a major restyle.
Product hint: Hair needs a little training when trying a new parting, so I’ll be using a heat protection shine spray before blow-drying to ensure a fuzz-free finish that stays put. Try Pantene Ice Shine Heat Defence RRP £4.49.

2. Illuminate your skin
An otherworldly shimmering skin finish is coming your way this autumn. Perfect for prolonging an end of summer glow, choose a moisturiser with a hint of self-tanner to rehydrate and illuminate your complexion at the same time.
Product hint: I’m loving Olay 2-in-1 Hydration + Radiant Glow RRP £9.99 with a built in self tanner and SPF 15 to protect from September sun.

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3. Crack the casual up-do
Thrown-together chignons are coming through for autumn. Less prim than a formal bun, I’ll be manipulating my hair into a twist at the back and securing in place with a giant clip, making sure to leave a few chunky strands to frame my face. Top tip: Don’t use a mirror for an imperfect feel.
Product hint: Up-do’s require texture to stay in place, especially if hair is freshly washed or fine, so I’ve discovered Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo RRP £2.99 which gives my hair the grip it needs to create a nice shape.

4. Get real with your hair texture
Going with your natural hair texture for a more ‘individual’ look is all the rage for autumn. Thankfully, this effortless vibe is perfect for in-between seasons, so I’m putting away my tongs and embracing my wavy hair texture.
Product hint: Pantene Pro-V Air-light Foam RRP £3.99 is my new must-have for softly conditioned locks that don’t look or feel weighed down.

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Getting ready for the Autumn, love the Olay 2 in 1, good for your skin with a hint of colour.

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