Modern Mum Beauty Must-Have May

Erica DaviesEach month, our resident beauty blogger, Modern Mum Must-Have shares her beauty diary with us. 


Show me a pot of face cream with the word 'luminous' on it and I am in. Hook, line, sinker. Anything that's going to get me looking even vaguely radiant has to be a winner.

Whether I'm being woken up by teething, sickness or my husband's ridiculously early starts for work, my eye bags could hold a family of four's holiday wardrobe most days. So, it was with ENORMOUS excitement that I trialled Olay Regenerist Luminous Collections brand new products; the Skin Tone Perfecting Cream and the Dark Circle Correcting Eye Swirl.

Already a fan of the 3-Point Super Serum, which I have previously trialled, these hit the big two: New <and> Luminous. Double thumbs up. While the 3-Point Regenerist collection is for slightly older skin-types, this range has been formulated to target a younger consumer, aged 25-34. Given I'm only a couple of months out (ahem) of that particular demographic, I’m keen to try - because that dewy, glowy, radiant skin is my own facial nirvana.


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To get luminous skin though, you need to fully embrace exfoliation - after all your skin isn't going to look all that glowing if you have a million layers of dead skin cells sitting on top of it. The Regenerist Luminous range has a gentle exfoliator called Niacinamide (the usual spelling), as well as something even more impressive (N-Acetyl Glucosamine) that helps even out skin tone. The two apparently work together to reduce excess melanin production that actually leads to dark spots. Anyway, I have two whole weeks to test this - two weeks when I won't be using any other moisturisers, serums or eye creams. Eeek. But look how pretty this Eye Swirl is, with its corkscrew of cream running through the middle of it. I have high hopes for its dark circle correcting powers because let's be honest; no concealer is getting to grips with them this far.

Olay’s inspiration for this collection was the luminous glow of natural pearls that bounces off their perfectly spherical surfaces. Hmmm, lets see.

olay olay

So two weeks in, how does it feel? Well, despite a few teething issues with spots (I put this down to changing my usual products), my skin is indeed looking brighter. After cleansing, the moisturiser sinks in really nicely and leaves my face feeling almost satin to the touch. I have been allowing it to fully submerge before tapping the Eye Swirl with my ring finger underneath my eyes.

erica erica

Warning: Do not overload with the Eye Swirl. Too much and there will be a white residue left on your face. Which you probably won’t notice until you’ve been in contact with approximately 200 people on the train, and had to present in meetings with your boss. Or is that just me? Either way, less is more so apply in moderation.

Honestly?  I do prefer a slightly thicker cream product at night, so outside of this trial I would probably go for the Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream and use the Regenerist Luminous Skintone Perfecting Cream for day. But I am impressed by the results at this stage – my ‘after’ picture was taken exactly two weeks after I started and you can see that my skin looks more luminous even wearing make-up. I would recommend trying it for longer than two weeks just so your skin really reaps the rewards of all those clever ingredients. In terms of a quick and easy skincare routine –with the benefit of looking as though you’ve had a LOT more sleep than usual – you can’t really go wrong.


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I celebrated my 40th birthday on the 20th of may....and want to keep my youthfulness for a lot lot longer. I would really love to give this product a try...ready to celebrate my future birthdays still with beautiful glowing skin......and appear to be younger than my actual age, haha :-)

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I loved this product thought it was going to be greasy but it was perfect and my skin responded so well, it definitely my best find this year, supper pleased!!! X

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I discovered that if you follow the instructions and 'massage' the eye cream all around the eye/orbital bone instead of tapping it on you are not left with any residue on the tip of your fingers, it absorbs properly and although you're left with a minor cosmetic effect there are no visible shimmery white patches around the eye.

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If we can have a free sample that would be great, I would like to try this. I love olay products x

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I'm also a huge fan of looking illuminated! This review looks fab cheers :D

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