Products on Trial: 3 ‘winter’ leg smoothers

Products on Trial: 3 ‘winter’ leg smoothers

Expert and reader verdicts on the latest winter leg solutions

Spring might seem a long way off, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your legs during the winter months. Get party-ready pins with these leg miracles, tried and tested by our experts and a selection from our reader panel.

The DIY IPL: Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL, RRP £449

Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL

Annabel Jones, Editor, Beauty Recommended comments:A premium at-home gadget with salon results, this Intense Pulsed Light machine uses the power of natural light to effectively push the pause button on hair’s re-growth cycle. Thanks to new smart technology, it customises the energy and pulse duration to suit your skin tone. ‘I can happily report that I experienced noticeable hair reduction on my legs after six treatments. But, long-term results you need to stick with it, treating the area once every 2 months. Is it worth it? YES, in a word!”

The Sensitive Skin razor: Gillette Venus ProSkin Sensitive Razor, RRP from £9.69

Gillette Venus ProSkin Sensitive Razor

Annabel Jones, Editor, Beauty Recommended comments: “When a last-minute shave ends in redness and irritation it’s, well, irritating to say the least.  This new-age razor puts those annoying leg issues to rest. How? With an enhanced lubricating strip, an extra-rich protective ribbon of moisture and 5 floating blades spaced close together of course!  ‘This is not shaving as you know it  – your legs feel like they’re being coated in a veil of silk before you even hit the body lotion.”


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The Instant Fix: Barry M Perfect Tan, RRP £6.99

Barry M Perfect Tan

Annabel Jones, Editor, Beauty Recommended comments:It’s not just unwanted hair that sends us into a pre-party frenzy; pasty pins can also be a confidence drainer. Fret not. For those times when you haven’t got time for a spray tan (like, those impromptu after-work drinks) this Instant Spray Tan will give legs a warm glow. Annabel Jones says, ‘I never have time for a salon spray tan, so I keep this in my wash bag for those last minute emergencies. It instantly bronzes skin tone and hides imperfections – plus I love the modern matte finish.”

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