The big age rewind

The big age rewind

Four end-of-summer anti-ageing beauty tips

Hazy sun-drenched days are always a blast, but sun, sea and sand can have an ageing effect on skin and hair.

Don’t fret, August is the perfect time to recharge your beauty batteries. Here’s five top youth-boosting tips straight from our beauty experts.

Does your skin need an energy shot?

New studies show that sun damaged skin has lower energy levels and can become less responsive to anti-ageing ingredients making it appear, well, fatigued. So, rev up your skin’s engine by feeding it with Olay Regenerist’s anti-ageing line that contains new skin energising technology alongside other proven anti-agers. We recommend Regenerist 3-Point Super Serum.


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Be shy when you dry

Using an anti-ageing shampoo and conditioner will help rescue hair damage, but did you know that aggressive towel drying is a secret ager, as it tangles and damages the hair cuticle? Pat instead of rubbing hair with a towel and turn the heat down low on your hairdryer, making sure you use a protective product like Pantene Pro-V Heat Defence Spray.

Think pink on lips

No, it’s not your imagination, with age lips lose pigment. So when you need a youth boost, switch to a pink shade of lip balm or gloss.

Give your smile a post-holiday detox

“Holidays are a great time for relaxation, but we tend to consume more sugary treats like cocktails and fizzy drinks, which can cause a plaque build up. So switch to an electric toothbrush like Oral B PC 500 with a whitening toothpaste,” Dr Uchenna Okoye says. “Sun and heat can also make us more dehydrated which can lead to bad breath, so up your water intake when on holiday and afterwards.”

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I've been using the Olay Regenerist 3 point serum and the matching cream for several months now and highly recommend both.

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