Three simple steps to model-worthy hair

5 bad hair-care habits to break this year

Is your hair looking a little worse for wear after the party season? Try these resolutions to achieve gorgeous, glossy locks – and keep them that way

Everyday habits could be damaging your hair more than you realise. It’s time for a change. Read on to find out those bad habits you need to break to achieve the healthy, great-looking hair.

1. Thou shalt not overheat thy hair

It may seem like you need to straighten or curl your hair to within an inch of its life to get those perfect locks, but all that heat can dry out your tresses and leave hair frizzy with nightmare split ends.

Protect your hair by dialling down the heat setting, making sure your hair is dry before you use styling tools and minimising the amount of time it’s under the heat. Experts advise that you shouldn’t hold a heated styler to your hair for longer than 10 seconds, or less if your hair is fine – and use a heat-defense spray.

Every few days try to give your hair a break from heat altogether. Worried you’ll look like a scarecrow? Simply throw it up in a simple everyday up-do, or try tying your hair back loosely with a coiled hairband before bed to avoid bedhead. Brush through in the morning and spray with a little sea salt spray for casual waves.

2. Thou shalt not use the same-old shampoo

If your hair isn’t looking its best, the root of the problem – pun intended – is probably your shampoo. So switch it up.

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3. Though shalt not damage thy hair when brushing

Everyone knows how to brush their hair, right? Wrong. Little bad habits can mean the difference between a smooth look that’s full of life and a tangle of broken strands.

Firstly, don’t brush your hair when it’s wet as it’s more prone to breakage. If it’s super-tangled, gently tease it with a wide-toothed comb instead. You should also dab your hair dry rather than roughly towel dry it.

When dry, use a natural-bristle brush with softer, more flexible strands that are kinder to your locks. Work your way up from the ends to the roots, tackling tangles at the end first, so you don’t pull too hard. Once you’ve finished detangling, do a few strokes from roots to tip to add the final polish to your beautiful, glossy hair.

4. Though shalt not take too-hot showers

Like the heated appliances, hot water can damage your hair, too. It causes your scalp’s pores to open, damaging the root and leading to additional shedding. It also dehydrates your hair, causing it to become dry and brittle.

Try to keep the water warm rather than hot and rinse your hair in the coolest temperature you can handle.

5. Thou shalt not rely too heavily on dry shampoo

Yes, dry shampoo is a great alternative on those days you don’t wash your hair. After all, it’s damaging to wash it every day and you need something to pep up those greasy roots. But you shouldn’t go for days on end without cleaning your hair properly. If you do, your dry shampoo and hair products will build up, making your hair look dull and clogging your pores. You should wash your hair at least two or three times a week to keep it in tip-top condition.

What are your beauty resolutions this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Once a week I put organic extra virgin coconut oil in my hair as a mask, I leave it on over night and wash out twice with shampoo and one conditioner the next morning. It does wonders to your hair leaving it smooth silky and nourished! Just remember to put a towel down on your pillow over night or wrap your hair in a microfibre turban like I do :)

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Going to try and take better care of myself. Get too tangled up on housework and loss precoius time with kids and family.

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New year, new me... or at least an attempt at finding the old me..... after having a rough few years I'm trying to get myself back on track, with both mental and physical disabilities it will be hard but I'm going to try and give it my best :)

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