2-week proof beauty tips

Beauty boosts that last all holiday long

When you’re on your hols, you want to look amazing without all the hard work. Try these long-lasting beauty tips so you can focus on relaxing by the pool.

1. Take a vitamin supplement to prepare for your tan

We all know that the sun takes a toll on your skin, even though it initially gives you that glowing, healthy look. So while it’s essential to protect yourself with a good SPF cream, it’s also a great idea to give yourself a boost from the inside with a vitamin supplement. Swisse Ultiplus Hair Skin Nails Supplement contains all the nutrients to help your skin to recover from exposure to UV rays and maintain a healthy glow.

All that delicious Mediterranean food can help too: fuel up with foods rich in lycopene - an anti-oxidant found in cooked tomatoes - safe in the knowledge that you’re taking care of your skin.

2. Super-hydrate your skin

Travelling dehydrates skin, so before you even step off the aeroplane your skin needs moisture. Apply a body cream such as Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid every night for at least a week before your trip to ensure that your skin is properly hydrated. This will give your skin a gleam in the sun and reflect the light, plus it will help your tan to last.

Continue to moisturise while you’re on holiday and try a moisturising shower gel such as Aussie Shower Smoothie Body Wash for maximum effect.

3. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Did we mention exfoliate? If we go on about this, it’s only because it’s so important when you want to look your best. Exfoliating enables your moisturiser to sink into your skin properly, helping to deliver all the vital nutrients. It also creates an even, smooth surface for flawless fake tan or makeup application, helping it to last longer.

Try Olay Regenerist 3-Point Super Cleansing System for exfoliation that helps your skin absorb 30% more moisturising and anti-ageing ingredients.


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4. Focus on your brows

Lounging by the pool or on the beach, you want an effortless, natural look, so your focus should be on your brows and lashes. They anchor and frame the features of the face, creating a natural look without you having to wear too much make-up that will clog pores in the heat.

For long-lasting brows, you can have them tinted in a salon before you travel and they’ll last two or three weeks. Or just swap from eyebrow powder to a pencil: their wax-based formulas are waterproof so they won’t dissolve in the sea or the heat.

Try spraying your eyebrow brush with a little hairspray to keep your brows in place or apply a touch of petroleum jelly when swimming to keep the arch looking sharp.

5. Get long-lasting nails

Gel manicures are a great investment before a holiday because they keep nails bright and glossy for around two weeks. But there are also way to give your mani-pedi staying power that don’t involve a pricy trip to the salon.

When you want your manicure to last, take that bit of extra time to apply a base coat, colour and top coat and leave it to dry overnight, as nail lacquer needs 24 hours to dry to a hard finish. For extra longevity during your trip, you can carefully take the nail polish brush underneath the tips for all-over polish, which helps to seal in the colour and prevent chips. Then apply two layers of top coat.

What are your pre-holiday beauty must-dos? Let us know in the comments section below.

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