5 ways to make your fragrance last longer

5 ways to make your fragrance last longer

We splurge on expensive perfumes, only for the scent to seemingly vanish as soon as we step out the door. Here’s how to keep it lingering all day.

Wearing perfume is a tricky balancing act: you either douse yourself in the stuff so everyone can smell it – including the man two streets over – or you elegantly spritz your neck and wrists, only to have the scent disappear quicker than your kids when you ask them to put away their toys.

However, your fragrance can remain fresher for longer if you take these simple steps.

1. Build fragrance layers

Many fragrances have shower gel and body lotion versions. Treat yourself to the set and you’ll find your perfume will last longer as you’ll use less of it.

The gel and lotion will have a more subtle scent than the perfume, but by building up the scent layers and letting the particles soak into your skin, your fragrance will keep going even after your perfume has worn off.

2. Soak it all up

The best time to spray yourself with perfume is when you are fresh out of the shower. The water droplets will lock in the scent particles and soak them into your skin.

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time for a shower, apply Vaseline to your pulse points before spritzing with perfume, as this will hold onto the scent, preventing the particles from disappearing into the air.

3. Spray strategically

The first pulse points most people go for are the wrists and neck, but there’s also the inside of the elbows, backs of the knees and the ankles.



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Your midriff is also a surprisingly good spot to spritz, as it’s warm and central, so it will spread the fragrance around your body.

A good idea is to spray your stomach and neck, then lightly spritz your ankles and backs of the knees so that your fragrance rises throughout the day.

If you do spray your wrists, be sure not to press them together to distribute the scent, as this actually crushes the top-note particles, distorting the smell and stopping it from lasting as long.

4. Ensure your clothes smell fresh

There’s no point in putting all this effort in only to mask your favourite fragrance with musty-smelling clothes. Even if your laundry comes out smelling fresh, it often doesn’t last once it’s hung out in your wardrobe for a while.

However you can ensure your clothes smell “mmmm” for up to 12 weeks with Lenor Unstoppables in-wash scent booster. They’re so simple to use – simply pour the scent beads into the drum and let them infuse through your laundry during the wash. It’s available in five fragrances – Fresh, Uplift, Lavish, Spring and the new scent Dreams – so you can pick the one that has similar notes to your perfume so that they complement one another.

5. Touch up throughout the day

Rather than carry your bottle of perfume around with you, a nifty trick is to spray some cotton buds with it and keep them in a sandwich bag in your handbag. Then, whenever you want a touch-up, just take a cotton ball and smooth it over your pulse points.

It’s important to keep your house smelling fresh, too. For tips, see our article Home smells of dog? Top tips to keep things fresh.

What are the secrets to your scent-cess? Leave your tips in the comments section below.

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Oooh ! Fantastic info . I will Definitely be trying these to give my perfume a longer lasting effect

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I always spray on to the fur trim on coat collars or cardigans.you will find you can still smell your expensive perfume days after. I cheekily use the testers in department stores to ‘top up’ my clothes collars, just make sure you always use the same perfume!

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Will try these tips, especially the Vaseline.

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When it comes to putting perfume on your wrists, don't rub your wrists together as this breaks the molecules in the perfume and the perfume won't last as long

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I always use the vaseline idea! The perfume sticks better to those areas and it lasts much longer! I also tend to spray my perfume in my hair because then it will release a beautiful smell every time I swish my hair.

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