Beauty talk: What makes you feel younger?

The new beauty buzzword is 'Anti-ageing'. We asked our readers what makes them feel young. Our Editor, Annabel, investigates the results.

I’ve noticed a shift in the way we view ageing. We’re no longer ANTI-ageing, we’re all for it! You only have to look at magazine and beauty websites to see that 40-somethings are the new beauty icons.

From Gwyneth Paltrow to Thandie Newton – it’s no longer just nubile young 20-somethings that are racking up glossy column inches. Gwyneth’s never looked better since she embraced motherhood and developed an out-of-the-box passion for cooking, writing, and working out. And Thandie is positively glowing due to her Zen lifestyle and a penchant for juicing and yoga.

Love it or loathe it, celebrities are the modern day barometer of the current mood and fashion of the times. What these celebrities are proving is that living a full and fulfilling life is the key to ageing gracefully. Or should we say: joyously!

That’s not to say we don’t all want to look our best. As a beauty editor, of course I love nothing more than trying out new beauty products that help me look fresh-faced (case in point: Olay Regenerist’s new eye rollerball!). But, I’m excited to see that anti-ageing is taking a more holistic approach, because it’s not just about wrinkle reduction, looking (and feeling) youthful comes in many forms from trying a fun, new fitness class to experimenting with nail art to spending more time with the kids.

I wanted to know if you were feeling the same way, so myself and the beauty recommended team polled you, and asked the question: “What makes you feel young?” And now the results are in…

When we asked, the majority said keeping fit, following by keeping up with the latest beauty trends, a fabulous new outfit, and spending time with a loved one!

The fitness test:

Our readers said that keeping fit makes them feel young. At Virgin Active clubs, the latest fitness trends are focused on the “fun factor”, from Myride cycling classes that mimic an outdoor experience as you pedal to a high speed road race via a giant screen, to new Aqua Zumba and UGI, the balancing ball workout set to high-impact music. Plus, nature yoga retreats are all the rage as we continue to seek a connection to outdoor tranquility away from the rat race. “Exercise is the best way to combat dull skin. You can’t beat that combination of mind and body awareness in an empowering, energetic workout,” says Thandie Newton, award-winning actress and face of Olay Total Effects.


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Trend spotting:

Trying new make-up trends makes many of you feel young. Something as simple as changing the colour of your lipstick can give you an instant lift. Trying a bright, lip colour such as pillar box red or bubble gum pink will not only make your eyes and teeth look whiter, your face instantly lights up.

But being on-trend doesn’t have to mean making a bold statement, just updating your skin finish can make you feel younger. Thandie Newton agrees. “Nothing about ageing is insurmountable if you educate yourself about what products are out there and how to use them. I love blending different shades of concealer around my eyes and I give my cheeks a modern blush with rouge,” she says. Olay’s Principal Scientist, Sian Morris says, “From speaking to women all over the world about their skin, the one thing they cite as feeling youthful is a smooth, rosy complexion that’s vibrant and radiant – this is why a lot of the new skin care products coming out for 2013 not only focus on long-term anti-ageing concerns, but on delivering instant radiance and giving skin that smooth-to-the-touch texture.”

The look of love:

According to our poll, spending time with loved ones makes our readers feel younger. How so? According to science, being in love produces the chemical Noradrenaline responsible for that facial flush associated with romance. But Beauty Recommended readers also said that quality time with their children gives them a feel-good effect, which is not surprising when you consider that the chemical oxytocin is produced during childbirth to help seal the bond between mother and child. “My husband and kids always put a huge smile on my face – sitting down to a Sunday roast with the kids at the weekend is what I look forward to all week – just spending time with family,” says glowing TV presenter Holly Willoughby.

So what does all this tell us? That we’re never too old to try out new trends, that keeping fit is about so much more than fitting into a pair of skinny jeans and that making time for family and friends is the key to happiness. That’s not to say, we don’t need beauty products! When used to enhance our lives, anti-ageing beauty innovations are one of the most powerful weapons a woman has at her disposal. What woman doesn’t feel better after “putting on her face” – I know I do. But let’s not forget that age old expression: beauty isn’t just skin deep.

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