Choose a colour for every mood

Choose a colour for every mood

Don’t get stuck in a rut with the colour of your clothes - instead wear different shades and tones to reflect your mood.

If your dress style says a lot about your personality, then the colour of your outfits, your accessories and even your makeup reveals your mood of the day. Read on for an explanation of what the different colours mean – and get ready to display your mood of the day!


Because it’s the colour of nature, green is synonymous with growth, dynamism, health and freshness. This colour has soothing properties and brings calm. It is also the colour of hope. When to wear it? When you’re feeling great.


Reminding us of water, the sky and the sea, blue symbolises wealth and prosperity. This calm colour eliminates tension, and soothes and dispels stress. When to wear it? When you feel calm and zen.


This warm colour represents dynamism and energy. It’s positive, cheerful and convivial. When to wear it? When you want to flaunt your happiness and wellbeing.


Yellow is the colour of wisdom and focus. Evoking the earth, it reassures and relaxes. And like the sun, it is synonymous with radiance, buoyancy and dynamism. When to wear it? When you want to show off your good mood and ‘joie-de-vivre’.


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Red recalls energy and fire. Associated with power and strength, this potentially provocative colour evokes desire, passion and love. When to wear it? When you feel sexy, passionate or optimistic.


White is the colour of peace, appeasement and neutrality. It’s also the colour of purity and elegance. When to wear it? When you feel in a calm and serene mood.


The colour of mourning and austerity, black is often chosen by women for its elegance and classicism – but it can sometimes be stern and dreary. When to wear it? When you feel in a dark or mysterious mood.


Don’t give up on a colour just because you always thought it didn’t suit you. A lighter or darker shade of red or blue, for example, might actually bring something out in your skin tones or your hair. If you want to try something different, borrow a top in a colour new to you from a friend before risking a daring purchase.

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