Clothes shopping survival guide

Clothes shopping survival guide

It’s a commonly peddled myth that all women love to shop. For most of us, traipsing around the shops – particularly with kids in tow – is nothing short of a nightmare. For those occasions when online shopping just won’t do, and you really must venture out, check our guide for survival tips.

Before you go, think about what you want to buy and which stores you’re going to visit so you don’t waste time and energy walking back and forth across town.

Nothing you try on will make you feel good if you’re not feeling great about the way you look, so really your trip starts before you’ve left the house. Make sure your hair is looking fantastic, splash on some scent, wear your favourite lipstick and you’ll be much more likely to love what you see in those unforgiving fitting room mirrors.
With kids, set yourself a limit
If you do have to take your young kids with you make them a solemn pact that you will only visit a set number of shops – five is probably about as many as their attention span can cope with – before giving them a treat or letting them run around a park to let off steam. Make sure you’ve got a couple of books or games to keep them occupied while they’re waiting too. 
Escape the changing room booth
A good way to save time is to buy without trying things on in the store and work out what you want to keep in the comfort of your own bedroom. This has the advantage of allowing you to see how new pieces look with clothes you already own. Most places will have a good returns policy these days, but always ask what a store’s returns policy is and make sure you can get a full no-quibble refund for returns within 28 days.
Try shoes on more than once
If you’re buying shoes and you’re out on your own, aim to try them on twice – once in the morning and again the afternoon. Feet swell up throughout the day and you want to make sure that you’re buying a pair that can accommodate this. If you’re with the kids and you don’t want to hang around, do the same thing at home – try the shoes in the morning and the evening around the house before wearing them out, so that if they’re pinching later in the day, they’ll still be in shop condition to return.


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Don’t be afraid to ‘bulk’ buy

If you find an item of clothing that you absolutely love – it’s the right length and cut, and it’s a bargain – consider buying two of it, especially if it’s something you’ve struggled to find before (like the perfect black jersey dress). This works just as well for a great pair of shoes as it does for more anonymous wardrobe staples like the same T-shirts in different colours.

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