Dress to impress with our date ideas

Dress to impress on date night

Put the romance back in your relationship by getting back on the dating market – with each other. Check out our guide to putting together date night outfits that are sure to get things sizzling.

When life gets in the way, it can be easy for romance to fall by the wayside. So it’s a great idea to rediscover those heady days when you first met by dedicating one night a week to dating, just like you used to. And half of the fun is getting ready with an outfit that will make his jaw drop. If you’re looking for ideas that will make date night smolder, try these simple tips.

Plan ahead

Part of the fun is in the anticipation, so have a think about what you’re going to wear a few days before the date. If there’s an outfit or item you know he loves, why not treat yourself to something new in that style? You don’t have to break the bank: try swishing.com, a fun clothes-swapping service that allows you to update your wardrobe without draining your account.

Give yourself plenty of time

It’s one of the perks of dating again: taking a bit of “me time” to pamper yourself. That’ll give you a bit of headspace to switch out of mum-mode or let go of the workplace pressures.

Investing in an extra half-hour of babysitting can help to free up some breathing space. Or check out our guide to getting party-ready in 20 minutes for clever beauty and style ideas for when time is short.


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Let your hair shine

Trying something a little different with your hair is a great way to let him know you’ve made a special effort and to make your date night something out of the ordinary. For a classic evening look check out our step-by-step guide to a sassy, glamorous look that’s great for those with mid-length to long hair.

Pick the perfect place

Quality time needs a quality place, so don’t just head to the same old local pub or restaurant that you normally frequent. Why not change things up with a comedy night? After all, they say laughter is an aphrodisiac. Or you could go on a summer’s evening picnic, go stargazing, get competitive over bowling or take a long, romantic walk by the river. Let your imagination go wild and you’ll be amazed what it can do for your relationship.

Savvy tip: If you’re unsure where the night might take you, slip a pair of fold-up pumps in your bag so you won’t be held up by high heels.

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