Modern Mum: How to Fake A Summer Glow

Modern Mum: How to Fake A Summer Glow

How To Fake A Summer Glow (when it’s April showers outside)

Did you spot it? That tiny window of warmth, when you could actually ditch the tights and maybe – just maybe – think about buying those gold Birkenstock slider sandals that are so on trend this SS14.

I certainly did. But was instantly embarrassed by my winter white legs – desperately in need of a good old wax and bronzing sesh.

That holiday may seem a lifetime away – and in my case only extends to sunny old Norfolk rather than, you know, Barbados or somewhere exotic. But it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t fake a bit of summer glow in the sunny climes of your own bathroom.

This month I am trying out five clever ways to turn yourself into a bronzed, erm, goddess without setting foot on the plane.

The summer glow-giving rules:

1. Get that bare-leg confidence, like, now

Put the tights away, go on – do it. I’ve been holding back on the 100-denier since the end of February, despite the fact my legs have been sadly lacking in the suntan department. A quick whizz around with the razor and some hasty body lotion application should work, right? Wrong.

I have never tried any kind of electronic epilation device, so testing out the Braun Silk-epil 7 SkinSpa wet-dry epilator was quite a thing. I was initially a bit worried about the pain, plus redness and bumpiness left behind from the hair removal. After all, we are talking a rotating head of tweezers, pulling your hairs out from the root rather than slice them off like a razor does.

It did feel a bit strange at first (yes, that does mean slightly painful, but style it out ladies, we’ve all given birth) – and after first use my skin was a bit red. Top tip – epilate at night, as any redness will be gone by morning. Plus your skin adjusts very quickly to the epilation and over time you will find you have to epilate less and less often, which is a real result – particularly for both sunny day enjoyment AND those mornings when you have a five-minute shower window.

The cordless device is mess–free AND waterproof, which makes using it in the shower easy. It comes apart afterwards too for easy drying. You can use it on dry skin as well, but beware that is slightly more uncomfortable.

Experts say you should work with the epilator in the direction of the natural growth cycle of your leg hair to keep them as smooth as possible. I really loved the exfoliating head which Braun call the micro-vibrations brush. It really worked towards helping prevent in-growing hairs, plus use it on your thighs like I did for a quick cellulite treatment too! All in all, a great product that will change the way you view your hair removal techniques.


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2: Give yourself a head start on sun-damaged locks

Usually the kind of product I would slather on POST-holiday, a hydrating intense conditioner is just the thing to give your barnet a fighting chance before you sit out in the sunshine.

I used Pantene Pro-V’s 2-Min Intensive Repair Conditioner, offering resilience against damage for dry hair. With regular colouring, blow-drying and straightening, my hair needs the fast hit of hydration to avoid getting completely fried in the sun. Plus the two-minute factor is a real winner with me – I haven’t got time to wait 15 minutes – I need a fast in-and-out shower/shampoo situation.

The Nutri-Plus conditioner felt creamy on application and my hair instantly felt smoother. The smell is lovely too, fresh and clean and would be a lovely reminder of a sun-filled holiday. I was impressed by the ease with which I could style my hair afterwards – it was much easier to comb through and looked healthy and shiny after being dried.

3: Brighten up your mani/pedi

All things blue are hot news this season – with royal, cobalt and punchy pastel the top choices. It’s a bold choice, but one you can make less in-your-face by using a blue shade on your nails to give your mani/pedi a glam-over. I gave it a try, and considering I am a definite red girl when it comes to pedicures, I was surprised at how much I loved this.

4: Add a peachy pout to your make-up routine

Adding ANYTHING peachy to your face in terms of make up always gives you a sun-kissed, glossy vibe. Plus the whole subtle, nude with a hint of peachy loveliness was a real catwalk trend – I loved the look so was keen to try.

Changing up your make-up on holiday is something that a lot of us do. Losing the foundation, ditching the powder and keeping sun-tanned skin clean and fresh are key. A touch of lipgloss in peach is the perfect summer make-up: I tried this in the day and in the evening and it was super flattering with minimal make up when I wanted just a quick slick of something, and worked well with a sun-tan (fake, obvs) and heavier eye make up in the evening. I think this would be the ultimate summer colour for every skin tone.

5: Fake that tan, now!

We’re all aware of the dangers of sitting out in the sun, but as long as I am slathered in a high-SPF, I won’t be stopping any time soon. Unfortunately I live in the UK, so sunny days really don’t come all that often, which is why it’s great to be able to fake it.

I tried a shimmery shade of bronzing powder that really did make me look as though I had been away for a fortnight in the Seychelles. Used with a big bronzing brush, I only needed a couple of sweeps before I looked sun-kissed and healthy. I even used it on my eyelids for an intense eye shadow colour in the evening. Versatile and simple to use – it’s a must-buy for your beauty bag.

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I would love to try this I'm 62 now and as a little girl my mum always told us max factor is the best she would only use max factor and she had beautiful skin I would love. Max factor to be my first to try from super savvyme as I have not have anything. As yet to try thanks

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could i possibly try these out it seems like a good set of pampering yourself, i have not tried max factor before as i think its quite pricey and haven't wanted to try in case its a waste, by the sound of the comment below it does sound positive, don't get me wrong i have heard good things in the past but always gone for a cheaper brand.

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Oh love the sound of the Braun Silk-epil 7 SkinSpa wet-dry epilator! Removing stubborn hairs and exfoliating at the same time is great as I dread those annoying and sometimes painful I growing hairs! Also love the gorgeous peachy colour of the Max Factor’s Colour Elixir Gloss in Glowing Peach Absolutely stunning and you can never go wrong with a bit a bronzer to brighten your complexion up especially is you are naturally quite pale skinned like me!

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