Everyone’s talking about… body confidence

Everyone’s talking about… body confidence

Love your body TODAY with our 5 top expert tips to building confidence and feeling body beautiful.

Your gym membership is underused and your New Year diet plan has gone out the window. Don’t panic, it’s the small things that count, so start feeling good and looking gorgeous today by following our 5-step love-your-body guide.

Smooth dry skin instantly

Braun and Venus Beauty Therapist Nathalie Eleni says: “My best trick for banishing dry itchy skin on legs and body after winter is to use a rich body butter and gently massage your legs in a circular motion working upwards towards the heart. Exfoliate in the shower every other day and repeat the body butter massage daily – skin will be silky smooth in no time.”

Brighten your smile

Sparkling white teeth means more body confidence, so start with the right toothpaste. “Clinical trials proved that the stannous fluoride complex in Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste removed up to 96% of surface stains in two weeks as well as preventing stains build up to keep teeth whiter,’ says Beauty Recommended editor Annabel Jones. “Choose lip shades with blue undertones such as punchy berries and deep cherries. And stick to a shiny finish to reflect light.”


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Start prepping your legs for spring now

Don’t wait until the weather warms up before you tackle hair removal. Beauty therapist Nathalie Eleni suggests using an epilator at least a month before spring for smooth legs.

“Pre-treating the area makes epilation gentler. So rub your skin with a dry towel first as it causes the hairs to stand up from the skin surface ensuring a perfect finish.”

Try the Braun Silk-epil 7. “It can be used wet or dry to help minimise discomfort,” says Nathalie.

Go for a vacation fragrance (when you’re not on vacation!)

Switching your scent is a good way to start feeling lighter and brighter. Annabel Jones recommends trading in your heady winter fragrance for something with “holiday notes”, long before summer kicks in. “Look for perfume with citrus or exotic fruits to lighten your spirits,” she says.

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a bit of pampering ALWAYS boosts your mood and confidence.

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The Silk-expert is a delight

The Silk-expert is a delight


My opinion of the Braun Silk-expert has gone from strength to strength, it's been so easy to use and a delight to try out, I have been delighted with the results over the last 4 weeks and I'm so happy with the fact I am seeing less hair grow and at a slower rate than usual. This is a great product and really has changed the way I feel about IPL in a positive way! Thanks Braun.


by Ambassador