Everyone's Talking About...the silent beauty assassins

Everyone's Talking About...the silent beauty assassins

Four things you didn’t know were ageing you

Too much sun and stress are given beauty drainers but there’s a new crop of hidden beauty concerns. We uncover these and look at how to tackle them head on.

1. Copper in the water

Did you know that the water that we wash our hair with may contain minerals like copper? No biggie, except that copper has an oxidating effect on hair which may cause it to weaken and the colour to fade.

Don’t panic, Pantene Pro-V has developed groundbreaking new technology to help protect our hair’s core from breakage by helping to neutralise the damaging impurities like copper from weakening our locks. Try Pantene Pro-V Breakage Defence Shampoo and 2Min Strengthening Intensive Conditioner.


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2. Too-long eyebrows

According to eyebrow guru, Shavata, if your eyebrows protrude too far past the outer corner of your eyes, it can pull your face down and give the illusion of a sagging jawline. The solution? “Fill in brows one shade darker to frame your face and take a millimetre off the outside corner of your brows to give your arches a lift,” says Shavata.

3. Your pillow

a new pillow face to worry about. Apparently, sleeping on your side can cause nose to mouth lines and a loss of volume. “Your head is the weight of a bowling ball, so you will have more lines on the side of your face you sleep on. Train yourself to sleep on your back, and sleep on one thin pillow rather than propping your head up,” explains Nurse Jamie from LA. We recommend Olay Regenerist Regenerating Night Cream to help reboot skin energy whilst you sleep. Top tip: Investing in a silk pillow is not only wrinkle reducing, it helps keeps hair from tangling and breaking.

4. Metal hair bands

Find your hair is looking a little less smooth than usual? You could try switching to snag-free hair elastics, as experts say the metal clasp on some hair bands can cause strands to snap. For extra back up, we recommend Pantene Pro-V Breakage Defence Instant Hair Strength Tonic.

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Long eyebrows, oh come on. How bushy would your brows need to be to make you saggy. Seriously this has to be a joke.

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The position you sleep in is more important than many people realise. I noticed among several of my male colleagues, they started having lines from their temples down towards their cheeks, usually more pronounced on one side than the other. Because so many of them had this trait, I imagined that they must be sleeping on one side more than the other. I learned my lesson from that observation! Interesting to read your recommendation.

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