Everyone’s Talking About…your ultimate party pre-tox plan

Everyone’s Talking About…your ultimate party pre-tox plan

End the party season as gorgeous as you began it with these five pre-tox tips from our expert confidence coaches.

1. Party proof your hair

It might sound unsexy, but glowing hair starts with a healthy scalp. Central heating, eating on the run and late nights can take their toll, so during the party season give your scalp the same care and attention you would give your skin.

Marilyn Sherlock from the Institute of Trichologists suggests trying a scalp facial. “An in-salon scalp treatment is like a facial for the scalp” she say. If lank thinning hair is getting you down, Marilyn suggests a simple trim can give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. “Shorter hair with blunt ends and minimum layers can help hair look thicker.”

2. Feed your skin

Foods with omega 3s will help keep your skin and hair glowing throughout the party season. Two foods that are bursting with this vital nutrient are chia seeds and salmon.

It’s also important that you eat plenty of protein to renew cells. Fish and eggs are great, healthy sources of protein. Or you can try mixing up a green smoothie for a vitality boost before you head out on the town: try whizzing up avocado, cucumber, honey and almond milk together.

3. Boost energy levels

You are what you eat, so if you want to keep your internal batteries fully charged, a few simple switches to your kitchen cupboard will keep you feeling energised. A meal which balances protein with healthy carbohydrates such as sweet potato and vegetables is perfect before a night out. Drink plenty of water and refuel with hydrating foods full of natural electrolytes, such as bananas.


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Got a sweet tooth? Try getting your fix with raw chocolate: cacao powder tastes amazing and helps fuel you throughout the day without the sugar crash.

4. ‘Move’ into the confidence zone

Snuggling up on the sofa sounds divine when you’re feeling lethargic but resist the urge to veg out as the act of being inactive can drain confidence and make you feel worse at the end of the party season.

A little regular exercise will not only keep you de-stressed, it even boosts oxygen and nutrients to your scalp, hair follicles and skin cells, which can improve the quality of hair and skin. Bonus!

Don’t aim to climb Everest, just get moving, maybe meet some friends for a winter walk – the chemical release you’ll get post exercise will help give you a confidence boost for the day ahead.

5. De-stress your make-up routine

A constant stream of parties and little sleep can leave you looking less rested than you’d like. So, simply adopt some make-up strategies to ensure a fresh-faced look at all times, starting with your base.
Switch your foundation to one that’s dewy but long-wear, so it’ll look better in photos and won’t need constant touching up. A dewy finish is key to looking wide-awake, so keep an eye cream in your handbag and refresh throughout the day: it’s a little trick that will keep you looking less tired and more glowing all day. And a little cream blusher on the apples of your cheeks is the ultimate makeup pick-me-up.

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