Get an eyebrow ‘facelift’

Get an eyebrow ‘facelift’

Keeping those eyebrows in check can make a big difference to your looks.

The power of eyebrows to lift and define a face is a well-kept beautician secret. Like a professional blow-dry, a smart eyebrow job can have a miraculous effect on anyone’s appearance: people start telling you how great you look, even though they can’t quite say what’s changed. That’s because we hardly ever notice eyebrows – unless something truly horrible has gone wrong – but they make a huge difference to how polished, balanced and well cared-for we look.

• Keep eyebrows in great shape The first rule of shaping is to go slowly and not take too much off at a time – it’s easy to get carried away, and before you know it, you’ve gone from having wildly bushy brows to a terrifying expanse of hairless skin. Look at your natural shape first and work with what you’ve got – you may have straight, curved or V-shaped brows, so keep that in mind as you refine and tidy.

• Pluck carefully Always pluck hairs from under the arch of the brow, never the top – you want to lift the brow, not bring it lower. Never take away too much from the inner edge either – brows that don’t ‘line up’ with the corner of the eye look strange and artificial.


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• Keep a balance Remember to work on brows together, plucking a few hairs from one, then balancing the other to match – that way you can keep an eye on the overall effect that’s developing.

• Know how far to pluck Here’s how you can find out how far you can go: first, hold a pencil lengthways by the side of your nose. Any hair the nose side of the pencil should be removed. Hold the pencil diagonally (45 degrees) from the bottom of the nose to the outer edge of the eyebrow to measure how far you should pluck the other side.

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