Host a pampering party

How to host a pampering party

If you fancy something different to the usual bars and restaurants when you get together with friends, why not invite everyone round for a leisurely spa day at home?

Setting the scene

The first step is to make your home into a relaxing haven, so start by getting rid of distracting clutter. Next stock up with your essential supplies: clean, fluffy towels, cleansers and plain facial wipes.

Create a welcoming ambiance with some scented candles for soft lighting and fragrance: try Febreze Cotton Fresh candles for a clean, refreshing scent. Then get ready to welcome your friends with herbal or fruit tea and a chat.

Have a few options

We’re all different and not everyone likes to have their face touched or their toes tickled. If you draw up little menus of different treatments your friends can choose from, they can decide which ones they like and which ones they’d rather sit out.

Take care of everyone’s health

Make sure you’re aware of any allergies or other health issues. Most spa-style treatments are perfectly safe for pregnant women as long as you’re not using any strong chemicals or planning a sauna at home, but if any of your guests are expecting, it might be worth checking that they’ve asked their GP what is safe for them. You’ll enjoy the lotions and potions more if you’re certain no one will react badly to them.

Stretch out with some yoga

Most groups of friends have at least one yoga devotee who’s dying to show everyone what they’ve learned. Now’s their chance! Ask them to lead you all in some simple, safe yoga moves to loosen up those limbs and get everyone in a peaceful, restful frame of mind.

Pamper the face

Gently exfoliate the skin, rubbing it gently to stimulate the circulation. If you want to really wow your friends, invest in the Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System, which cleanses up to four times as effectively as manual cleansing alone.

Then smooth on a facemask – the exfoliation will help the revitalising ingredients sink in – and relax. Pop on some soothing music and let your cares drift away.


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Massage away aches and pains

You can easily give each other soothing shoulder or head rubs, but why not treat yourselves? Hire a masseur and aromatherapist to visit and split the cost, giving you a super-relaxing and authentic spa experience at home.

Soothe and primp tired feet

Divide up into pairs and give each other’s feet a treat. First, soak them in a bowl of warm water with a couple of drops of lavender oil. Dry them off, then massage them with a scented foot cream or some massage oil. Then finish the job by tidying up the toenails and adding a pretty coloured polish.

Give each other a hand

Finish off by doing each other’s manicures. Rub hand cream into each other’s hands, nails and cuticles. Trim and file the nails where needed and share each other’s nail polish colours to give everyone the chance to try a new look.

Keep them quenched

Keep everyone refreshed and hydrated with some delicious mocktails. Ask your friends to bring some juice or fresh fruit and mix with ice, fresh mint, soda water, tonic or ginger beer.

Have a makeover session

For something extra, ask your friends to bring clothes to swap and make-up to try. Experiment with new styles and colours of clothing along with different shades of lipstick and eye shadow.

Take fun before and after snaps, which you can post on Facebook or scramble to delete depending on how you feel!

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