How to be party-fabulous in 20 minutes

How to be party-fabulous in 20 minutes

Believe it or not, it IS possible to look amazing in the few minutes between clearing away tea, organising the kids and the babysitter arriving…

Take a cooler shower

Take a five-minute shower at a setting less hot than usual. This will help you freshen up without getting overheated. While your skin is still damp, smooth on some body lotion. Try one with a subtle shimmer to enhance your natural glow.

Fix your hair

If just-washed hair isn’t an option time-wise, just put it up – the big hair bun is in this season. Or give your hair body and a heavenly scent with dry shampoo – an easy two-minute fix and very on trend!

Wear what works

The classic little black dress gives you the ideal ‘blank canvas’ for this season’s easy to apply show-stopping accessories. Go for a striking pendant, or a sparkly cocktail ring to add excitement to your outfit.


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Freshen your face

Prioritise even if you don’t have time for the works. Mascara is a must for opening up those peepers. Apply blusher to the apple of your cheeks – blending up and out for a natural look. And go for lipgloss if you don’t want to faff with lipstick shades.

Savvy tip

Use a tinted moisturiser – rather than a face cream AND foundation. It saves time.

3 ideas to share

  1. A large flower clip worn low over one ear is also an easy shortcut to fab party hair.
  2. If you don’t wear contact lenses, try some brightening eye-drops for party twinkle.
  3. Use a little Vaseline to tame eyebrows instead of messing with tweezers.

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I would say a little forward planning is the best way to be ready in a short timeframe. I do this myself and it works a treat. 1.going out clothes should always be ready to go 2.simple makeup is the best, a little eyeliner, bit of mascara, touch of blusher and your on your way 3.accessorise with necklaces that you've made yourself or bought from a charity shop or you could add your own little bits of beads to existing necklaces 4.Bun your hair, or a simple plait to one side works well.

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