How to become a mummy who’s truly yummy

How to become a mummy who’s truly yummy

Becoming a mum often means you trade lipstick for crayons and skinny jeans for joggers, but with these super savvy tricks, you can maximise your look with minimum effort

We’ve all seen them: that exotic species at the school gates or picking up their little one up from nursery. A fellow mum who has somehow managed to do their hair and make-up and found an outfit that is both stylish and stain free.

You might wonder how they have the time, and conclude they must be rich enough to have a nanny or a personal stylist and hairdresser at their beck and call. But with some simple shortcuts, you too can reclaim the glamorous girl you were BC (before child).

Get a low-maintenance haircut

Gone are the days you could spend time wrestling with your straighteners every morning after waking up looking like Worzel Gummidge’s long-lost sister (just us?). Most of us attempt a brush through before sighing and chucking it up in a messy bun.

Lucky for us, that’s actually a fashionable look right now, but an alternative is to get your hair in tip-top condition so it’s easier to manage. A great option is to have a professional Keratin treatment, which relaxes your hair so it doesn’t tangle in the night and barely needs a brush through it come morning.

If your hair is naturally straight anyway, try being brave and going for the chop. A long bob looks great and is easier to maintain with just a brush and go.

Master the five-minute make-up routine

While none of us have got time for contouring (how does anyone?), you can cover the basics in a just few minutes.

1. Apply a light-feel foundation and set with pressed powder or a dusting of bronzer.
2. Find a blusher that works on both your eyes and cheeks – pink or orange work best – and dust it across your eyelids and cheekbones.
3. Apply mascara and smooth your eyebrows – applying pencil if they are particularly sparse.
4. Slick on some tinted lip balm and you’re good to go.



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Don’t live in your comfies

It’s tempting to live in your joggers and old T-shirt, especially when on any given day you are subject to potential stains varying from baby sick to chocolatey handprints. But if you take just five minutes each morning to throw on a summer dress or jeans and a brightly coloured jumper, it will make all the difference to your appearance and your mood.

When the inevitable child-shaped stain occurs, don’t fret. Just chuck them (your clothes, not the kids) in the wash with Fairy Non-Bio and the stains will lift first time.

To keep your clothes looking beautiful for longer (after all, not many mums can afford the time or money to buy new clothes), make sure you add some Lenor fabric conditioner to your wash. This protects your garments from the three signs of ageing: fading, stretching and bobbling.

Lenor offers a whole range of fresh and luxurious smelling scents so you’ll be sure to find a scent that suits you.

Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself

Of course there’s no point being so concerned about your appearance that you’re constantly worried about creasing your outfit or smudging your make-up. The most attractive thing any of us can wear is a smile.

So run around the park with your little one or crawl around on the floor pretending you’re a monster who loves to blow raspberries on little children’s bellies. Enjoy yourself and your children – nothing is more yummy than that!

Are you a yummy mummy? Share your secrets with us in the comments section below.

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I know myself how hard is to be mother look after kids. I have two little ladies ( 8 and 20 month old). I have short hair cut as well because i it is much easier to take care of them. Unfortunately I don't have lots of time to put the make up, but if i know i need to go somewhere i usualy try to wake up earlier than my kids.

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