How to hold a swap party

How to hold a swap party

It’s ultra fashionable to recycle so save money and exchange great clothes you don’t want.

Holding a swap party is a great excuse to have a thorough clear out of all the stuff you never wear, snap up some great new clothes and have a catch up with your mates into the bargain.

Getting started
• A swap party works best if as many people know about it as possible.
• Give everyone plenty of notice – a month is good – and ask people to spread the word.
• You want women representing as many different shapes, sizes and styles as possible.

• Get people to RSVP so you have an idea of numbers.

Preparing for the swap party

• Keep costs down by asking people to bring a bottle and just provide a handful of simple snacks. People are coming to swap not party!
• Be specific about what type of clothes you want. Ask for at least three items from each guest. They can be: new but never worn sartorial errors, or old but not hopelessly tatty, or vintage clothes, shoes and accessories.
• Everyone should be prepared to leave behind anything that they bring. You can give leftovers to charity afterwards.


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On the day
• Ask your guests to arrive half an hour before you begin swapping. You can hang all the clothes up and it will give everyone the chance to eye up the things they fancy grabbing.
• Remember to set aside a bedroom with a full-length mirror if people would like to try clothes on.

Savvy tip
It’s a good idea to state that there’s a ‘recrimination amnesty’ just in case anyone turns up with unwanted gifts that other guests have given them over the years!

Pass it on – get swishing inspiration
Fashion swapping is also known as Swishing. There are Swishing parties arranged all over the UK all the time. Find one local to you and your mates at

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