Putting the “man” in manicure: our guide to male grooming

The less-fair sex has its fair share of grooming worries. From thinning hair to shaving cuts, we’ve got expert remedies for the man in your life

Men – they’re just like us: they have their body issues to grapple with too. But sometimes they’re a little more reluctant to look for help and advice.

That’s often where their partners come in, diplomatically making a few suggestions to ensure they’re looking their best.

But it’s hard to give the best advice on issues that you’re not up to speed on, so check out our rundown of some of the most common male grooming woes.

Thinning hair

Tell your man not to hang on to the past with a straggly combover. Embrace baldness instead. “If your hair’s thinning, don't grow it too long as this will only draw more attention to the problem,” says stylist Michael Douglas. “Instead, crop it short and use dry styling products like clay and putty, avoiding oil-based products like waxes.”

If the man in your life is worried about thinning hair in his future, lifestyle could be key. “Many issues cause thinning hair, but if it’s not genetic then his diet may be a factor,” Michael says. “A healthy diet and exercise are essential to full bodied hair.”

To hold on to hair, keep the scalp healthy with a shampoo such as Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 Hair Endurance.


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Shaving cuts

They’re a sure-fire way of having a grumpy partner at the breakfast table, and those little bits of tissue to blot the cuts make for a less-than-professional appearance at the office. But it’s much easier to keep a steady hand and avoid cuts if you’re using a great razor. If he’s suffering from nicks and cuts, get him to try the Gillette Fusion Proglide. It has unique Flexball technology, which helps the blade smoothly follow every contour of your face.

Sensitive skin

We all know men are big softies really, but Gillette has proven it with science: in a poll, 70% of men said they had sensitive skin.

Brent Pankhurst, master barber and Gillette ambassador, suggests that men will benefit from a light exfoliating scrub before shaving, such as Gillette Fusion ProSeries Thermal Scrub. It clears away dirt and oil, softens facial hair and prepares the way for the razor.

Always close the pores with a splash of cold water and moisturise afterwards to smooth skin and minimise sensitivity,” Brent says.

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