Expert Trend: New Romance Hacks

Expert Trend: New Romance Hacks

4 Romantic flourishes your beauty bag needs NOW

1. Highlight your eyebrows – yes we said brows

Most of us now know the confidence boosting powers of groomed eyebrows. But, if you want to add an extra flourish, try highlighting the outer brow bone, just beneath the brow line. This delicate touch will reflect light and accentuate the frame of your eyes with an extra pop of light. Try Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift, RRP £22.50 ( a three in one groomer that includes an eye-popping highlighter for added impact.

2. Add some grown up glitter

Having recently been given a silver glittery liquid eyeliner for my birthday, I couldn’t imagine an occasion that a 40-something could get away with such reckless sparkle. What I happily discovered was that when I applied a thin stroke over the top of my usual black eyeliner, I ended up with the merest hint of shimmer that gently glittered under lights, making it age AND occasion proof. Plus, it made me feel fun and fearless. Try Kiko Eyeliner Gel with Glitter in 02 Silver RRP £6.90 (

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3. Dry shampoo will make you feel sexier…promise

Dry shampoo is a great way to buy you some time in between shampoos, and it has another completely selfish added benefit - it gives hair a sexy, bed-head edge. So, if you want to walk the halls of your office-slash-home feeling like a sex kitten, just for the heck of it, then follow this styling hack: Simply style your hair as usual, then spray in a small amount of dry Shampoo into roots, rubbing in with your hands to disperse the powder and watch your hair texture transform from ordinary to seductively mussed-up in an instant. Great for date nights or days when you just need a confidence lift. We recommend Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo, RRP £2.99.

4. Illuminate your eye area

When our eyes look tired, we are sending that signal to the outside world, making us appear less vibrant and approachable. So, as someone who relies on the daily help of one eye cream, two eye concealers and one primer (seriously) to appear bright and awake, I have found Olay’s NEW Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream RRP £24.99 a must have for busy days. Containing the anti-ageing benefits needed to hydrate and smooth lines, the peachy colour-correcting tint is my favourite bit as it takes away the need to smother on layers of concealer, giving eyes a natural wide-awake look.

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Look forward to reading the hints and tips - I have a slightly sparkly eye pencil that I use sometimes that gives the same effect. Going to try the new Olay eye cream, sounds pretty good.

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