Ageless Beauty: New year, new smile

Ageless Beauty: New year, new smile

New year, new smile

Is your smile 2017 enough? Upgrade your dental routine with our 5 New Year Teeth Tweaks and transform your smile into your biggest beauty asset.

Upgrade your toothpaste

The first step to getting teeth whiter and brighter is to invest in a paste that delivers proven stain removing and preventing properties. With 70 scientific studies under its belt, Oral B Pro-Expert Toothpaste RRP £3.50 removes up to 98% of surface stains in 2 weeks, as well as a host of other healthy mouth gains including removing tartar, plaque and gaining fresher breath. Think of this as small investment piece for your beauty wardrobe.

Promote your toothbrush

You’ve heard of smart motorways, smart phones, and smart TV’s. But are you up to speed with smart power brushes? Oral B’s new Genius Power brush is the Einstein of toothbrushes. This new-tech invention syncs up with your smart phone to provide a live visual guide detailing where you’re brushing and for how long, to ensure you are getting to all the right spots. Plus, motion detectors will buzz and light up when you are brushing too hard. Did we mention it comes in limited edition Rose Gold? Oral B Genius Brush in Limited Edition Rose Gold, RRP £280.00


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Advance your brushing technique

Once you’ve adopted a power toothbrush, take the time to brush effectively and you’ll boost the brightness of your smile up another notch. Dr Uchenna Okoye suggests holding your power brush gently against each tooth for 3 counts, before moving to the next tooth. Not only does this trick ensure you have spent an equal amount of time on each zone of your mouth, the interdental gaps will be given a deep clean that helps avoid in-between staining.

Elevate your eating habits

January is the most popular month for diets, but consider your teeth not just your waist line when filling your shopping trolley this January. Dr Uchenna Okoye says water rich foods are key to creating enough saliva that keeps breath fresh and teeth clean throughout the day. Stock up on celery, cucumber, melon, tomatoes, and berries for their teeth whitening properties. If you’re inspired to do a new year detox, then cut down on fizzy drinks, coffee and red wine too as these can cause stains and erode tooth enamel.

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