MANicure Him: Our date night disaster plan

MANicure Him: Our date night disaster plan

When it’s time for date night, don’t waste time picking apart his flaws – save him (and you) from a grooming disaster with our five expert hints.

You’ve got a babysitter, booked the restaurant and ordered a taxi. Yikes! His fingernails are unkempt, his five o’clock shadow is threatening a serious case of stubble rash, and his man-druff is cramping your style. Don’t panic, we’ve stepped in just in time with our four hot date night grooming tips.

Give him a MANicure

Let’s face it ladies, men won’t moisturise their cuticles. Don’t give him a hard time about it, just offer up a little pre-dinner manicure. Men’s nails must be kept short and clipped straight across. Then file them into a round or square shape making sure the edges are very neat. Next, buff his nails for a manly shine, followed by a hand massage with moisturiser. He’ll love it !

Help eliminate his man-druff

We’ve all been there. The waiter asks to take his coat and is treated to a shower of man-druff. Sound familiar? Then act now, by switching his shampoo for an anti-dandruff formulation like Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 Itchy Scalp Care.


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“In winter the skin on the scalp can feel dry and tight. Some dandruff shampoos treat an itchy scalp but leave hair with that 'squeaky' feeling. With Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 Itchy scalp, hair feels silky soft,” says Annabel Jones, Editor of Beauty Recommended.

Avoid stubble rash

A five o’clock shadow looks hot on Johnny Depp. But try puckering up to a face full of hair and you could be left with a nasty case of pash-rash. Not a good look. But there’s no need to lose the movie star vibe: simply dial it back from five o’clock to one o’clock with Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide Styler – a razor, trimmer, and edging tool in one – and ProGlide Clear Shave Gel.

Give his breath a freshen up

Bad breath: it’s just not sexy. So get the night off to a fresh start by stamping out his pongy breath. We’ve got just the thing – more than just a hint of mint, Oral B Pro-Expert Toothpaste contains an antibacterial ingredient that helps fight the bacteria that can cause bad breath. In fact, it’s clinically proven to reduce bad breath by 49% after one week and by 71% in three weeks versus ordinary fluoride toothpaste.

Tame his chest hair

Unless he’s a famous celeb, there’s no need for his chest hair to make an appearance on your date. So, if it does, then coax him into a little pre-date chest hair removal with the Braun Cruzer6 Body. Job done!

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Our date night disaster plan

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The Silk-expert is a delight

The Silk-expert is a delight


My opinion of the Braun Silk-expert has gone from strength to strength, it's been so easy to use and a delight to try out, I have been delighted with the results over the last 4 weeks and I'm so happy with the fact I am seeing less hair grow and at a slower rate than usual. This is a great product and really has changed the way I feel about IPL in a positive way! Thanks Braun.


by Ambassador