Trend on Trial: How to pre-tox your skin…so you never need to detox!

Trend on Trial: How to pre-tox your skin…so you never need to detox!

Prepare your skin for the party season by giving it some much needed love now, so you can indulge and still shine later!

Party season is nearly upon us. What does this mean for your skin? For me, it means breakouts, puffiness, and generally a tired lacklustre complexion. This year, instead of waiting for the endless finger foods to reap their revenge on my skin, I’m putting myself on a pre-tox regime. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Pre-toxing is when you offset future damage by detoxing in advance. As I know I’ll only be able to say no to so many mince pies, sugar is bound to enter my diet in slightly elevated levels for a month or two, which gives me a terrible carb face puffy, red and blotchy skin caused by too much sweet stuff.

I begin pre-toxing by giving myself a 5 minute-long facial massage each night before bed with a calming facial oil, you can also do this with a gentle moisturiser too. Beforehand, I steam clean my face to remove all dirt and toxins then massage my oil into my skin with my fingertips until the oil is completely absorbed.


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Every three nights, I lightly exfoliate to brighten my complexion and de-puff. I love to use a facial brush for this. Olay 3 Point Cleansing System RRP £39.99 is an investment, but really comes in handy when skin needs an extra boost, as the pulsing cleansing brush helps to leave the surface of my skin marble smooth.

Nutrition wise, personally I have reduced coffee to one per morning adding in a spoonful of coconut oil and upped my fruit and vegetable uptake making a fresh vegetable juice twice daily to give my skin cells an antioxidant boost. Finally, I have switched my moisturiser for one with vitamin C to brighten my skin tone. Olay Total Effects Day Cream RRP £14.99 is perfect as it also contains green tea extract for detoxing and vitamin E, B3 and B5 which are all great for moisturising. Plus, I have become dogmatic about my night time ritual to help repair damage done during the day time. I love Olay Regenerist Regenerating Cream Moisturiser RRP £29.99. And for eyes, during the day, I use Olay Illuminating Eye Cream for Dark Circles RRP £24.99.

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I would live to trial this, is oldies can do with a helping hand too.

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