Ageless Beauty: Four ways to rewind your eye age

Ageless Beauty: Four ways to rewind your eye age

4 ways to rewind your eye age

Positive-proof your eyes

Your eyes are the facial feature that people notice first, according to a new clinical study by Olay. So, help your eyes tell the story you want the world to see. Tired eyes, make you look, well tired. Bright eyes on the other hand, give the impression you are alert and positive. So start invigorating your eye area with a morning massage ritual. A small tweak with a big difference, take 30 seconds on each eye to massage in your eye cream each morning and night. Using your ring finger gently press into the skin in circular motions from the top of your cheek bone to your brow bone, allowing your cream to fully sink into skin. This gentle practice will reduce puffiness, as well as helping the product to penetrate.

Introduce an eye cream library

Want brighter, younger looking eyes? Then, take a bespoke approach with your eye care. Just as you may have a collection of two or three fragrances to enhance your mood or suit an occasion, owning two or three eye creams will maximise benefits. For dark circles, try Olay Illuminating Eye Cream RRP £24.99 for its light-reflecting ingredients, Olay Ultimate Eye Cream RRP £24.99 is great for both colour correcting and hydrating. Then, for times when you need a firming fix, say after holidays in the sun, layer Olay Firming Eye Serum RRP £24.99 underneath your daily skin cream for 2 weeks.


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Get focussed

Adding definition to eyes is like sharpening the focus on your camera lens, drawing attention to your eyes and distracting from fine lines and ageing elsewhere. Invest in a youth enhancing brow groomer like Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows, RRP £18.50, which softly tints and enhances eyebrows with a mini brush for a super natural look that’s perfect for spring. Then, pick an eyeliner that enhances your eye colour. For green and blue eyes try a deep chocolate brown eyeliner, and go for flattering navy on brown eyes.

Consider hair colour

If you want to look and feel your best, then try a lateral thinking approach. By lightening your hair colour a smidge, even if you are brunette, you will create a halo affect around your face that will illuminate skin and eyes. ‘A few lighter pieces around your hair line is all you need for a spring pick-me-up. This will make eyes pop and skin glow,’ suggests hair stylist Ben Cooke.

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I've been trying all sorts of so called cures to help my under eye dark circle problem so I xant wait to try okay illumination,fingers crossed it works because nothing else has ,so as its olay, im feeling optimistic

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The eye shadows today all seem to be brown. For different skin tones? I would not think they'd go well if you had very pale skin. Years ago all the eye shadows and eye liners were blue. When applying skin cream to the eye area, you need to avoid damaging the fine skin. Rub cream in gently from the corner of the eye towards the nose, and do not rub the other direction. On the skin outside of the eye area, rub cream upwards only. Also avoid rubbing your eyes vigorously at any time.

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I am definitely going to be saving up to buy these eye creams, as the lines under my eyes (or laughter lines as I call them) need some help. There is no point using a face cream if you don't have an eye treatment to, in my opinion. So finger crossed these will help me

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Great advice and im going to put it to use thank you.

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