The language of seduction: legs and hair

The language of seduction: legs and hair

Your eyes may be the windows to your soul but your legs and locks should play a starring role when it comes to flirting, even if it’s with your other half…

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Want to keep the romance alive and the flames of passion burning? Then work your biggest assets. Your legs and your locks are natural heat-seeking missiles of seduction. Here’s how to deploy them to the most devastatingly flirty effect…

Prepare your legs

Get smooth, silky legs in these simple steps

  1. Shave your legs when your skin is wet, either under the shower or in the bath. The warm water will leave skin more relaxed and less sensitive.
  2. Apply a depilating gel to the legs before shaving. The gel hydrates the hair and lubricates the skin, allowing the razor to gently glide over your legs.
  3. Using the right razor makes all the difference. Venus Sugarberry razor has a built-in moisturising strip for a silky finish. Ideal for sensitive skin, it leaves legs bathed in a seductive fragrance, too. For more information on tending to your skin, visit How to pamper stressed out skin.
  4. Start by shaving in the direction of hair growth. Then, for a more precise result, shave in the opposite direction, against the growth. Rinse the area with cold water to close the pores.
  5. Gently pat legs dry with a towel and apply a hydrating cream, oil or lotion to lock in the moisture from your Venus Sugarberry. A dry oil will leave your pins with an irresistibly seductive sheen.

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How to seduce

High heels are a seductive statement in their own right, sexing up your whole outfit. As they also elongate the legs to optimal va-va-voom effect they’re an absolute must for a date night. Slowly cross and uncross your legs as you sit back in your seat and you’ll send him an unmistakably flirty message that romance is on the menu!

Hair: beauty routine

Follow these steps for hair that’s calling out to be caressed

  1. Use a scented shampoo, tailored to your hair type. Opt for romantic scents such as rose, musk or passion fruit.
  2. Massage the shampoo into your scalp and lengths of your hair using gentle circular motions to avoid tangles. Rinse and repeat if necessary.
  3. For silky smooth locks that are easier to manage, use conditioner after every wash. It will help your comb glide through your hair and make styling easier.
  4. Care for your hair and add extra gloss by using a nourishing hair treatment at least once a week. Hair that’s in tip-top condition is more touchably sexy, so be sure to give your locks extra TLC regularly. Getting together with friends for a beauty night is a great way to spend time spoiling yourselves while catching up on gossip. See our tips on how to host your own pamper party for tips on creating a great girls night in.
  5. Comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb to avoid breakage. If you’re heat styling, be sure to spritz on a protective spray. One tailored to your hair type will give best results, whether you’re after more volume, a frizz-free finish or extra gloss.
How to seduce

Whether curly or straight, long or short, your hair is an expression of your character and a lethal weapon of flirtation. Loose styles tend to be most seductive, but however you wear your hair make sure you touch it often. Twirl it around your fingers while looking your man in the eyes and he’ll be in no doubt as to what’s on your mind!

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The Silk-expert is a delight

The Silk-expert is a delight


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