Three ways to tie a sarong

Three ways to tie a sarong

For sun protection, dressing up and dressing down, a sarong can be your best friend on holiday. Here’s how:

It’s not always easy to stay glamorous at the beach or the swimming pool, especially if you don’t feel comfortable in a bathing suit! So a colourful sarong can be a lifesaver. Great just wrapped around your waist, but especially effective if you tie it different ways for different looks.

1. The strapless dress

This style works for all figures and is both feminine and easy to wear. Perfect if you want something simple after being in the pool.
• Wrap your sarong around your back and bring two longish ends together in your hands at the front.
• Tie these ends over your chest.
• Take those two ends and tie them for a second time behind your back. Carefully fold down the top in places where it needs to be evened out.

2. The halterneck dress

With just a quick twist you can give your sarong dress a whole new look.
• Wrap your sarong around your back and tie two ends over your chest as with the strapless style.
• Take the two ends and twist the fabric into ‘straps’ then tie these in a bow behind your neck.
• Make sure you have long enough ends to tie it comfortably behind your head so you don’t leave a mark!


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3. The chic skirt

Here’s another creative and practical way of covering up. Wear this over your swimming costume or bikini or even with a light T-shirt.
• Place the sarong on your hips; wrap it twice around your waist.
• Take the two ends and twist the fabric to have give a wavy effect to the front of the skirt.
• Finish the skirt by tucking the two ends inside the waistline.

Complete the look!

For more easy ways to feel your best when you’re relaxing on holiday, check out our feature on Five steps to beach beauty.

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