Trend Clinic: Back to School Cool

It’s not just the kids who need a new uniform. Here’s how to get back-to-school cool in seven minutes.

We’ve all seen the photos of A-list mums on the school run looking effortlessly chic. Well, now you can too. From sparkling teeth to glowing skin and wide-awake lashes, learn how to wow at the school gates with our four morning beauty secrets.

Step 1: Do the ice cleanse

Is lack of sleep giving you lackluster complexion? Then just add ice! Start with a refreshing cream cleanser like Olay Professional Exfoliating Cream Cleanser, followed by 10 splashes of ice-cold water. This gets blood flowing, instantly brightening and tightening skin. Then place a warm flannel over the contours of your face for 20 seconds to prep skin for applying moisturiser.

Step 2: Lift your lashes

Fed up with tired looking eyes? Then try this make-up artist trick: tip your head back and curl your eyelashes close to the root for ten seconds on each eye. Then finish with a second curl on the very tips of your lashes to open up the eyes and disguise tiredness.


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Step 3: Retouch your skin

Are dark circles dragging you down? A touch of concealer will lighten up your face in a flash. Apply Olay Total Effects Touch of Concealer to the darkest areas of your face, such as underneath your eyes and around your nose, which freshens your complexion. Then apply a mistake-proof foundation like Olay Total Effects Touch of Foundation with your fingers, just as you would your moisturiser.

Step 4: Brighten eyes and teeth

Create the illusion of brighter eyes with these light-reflecting tips: First, coat lashes with mascara. To brighten, blend a dot of off-white kohl pencil in the inner corner of your eyes and finish with blusher.

Also apply a cream blusher on the tops of cheekbones – directly underneath your eyes, which will reflect light, brightening the impression of your eyes and teeth.

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