Trend on Trial: Big hair

Trend on Trial: Big hair

How to play big without looking old fashioned

I grew up in the 80s when big glue-like hair was as every day as double denim. Three decades later, the idea of teasing, moussing and spraying hair each morning seems laughable. But, take a look at the spring/summer catwalks, and it’s evident that hair has gained some weight.

As someone with a lot of hair, both in length and thickness, I’ve never felt the need to add volume. But, after a long winter of feeling flat, I’m craving a little root lift. So, after speaking with some top hair experts, including celebrity stylist Ben Cooke, the modern way to give hair oomph is to concentrate on ‘’. The trick to looking modern, I’m told, is to retain the softness whilst adding width and lift to hair, and this all starts with a volumising blow-dry spray in roots and mid lengths.

Immediately I could see the benefit of giving my hair some ‘grip’ or ‘guts’. Rather than ending up with a slippery sleek finish, with the simple addition of root spray, I had created bounce and swish, which incidentally has the pleasing side effect of anti-ageing.


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Once dry, I threw my head to one side and sprayed some dry shampoo in between the layers of my hair, massaging it in with my fingers. Whilst I’d previously only used dry shampoo to refresh greasy roots, when spraying it through freshly washed hair, it acts like a mousse creating root lift without the sticky finish.

Frankly, after all of this I’m mildly addicted to big hair. Whilst the backcombed hair fortresses of the 80’s are never likely to re-surface, this new tame take on big hair is rather flattering.

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What an interesting article- looks like my 'too soft ' hair can now have some extra volume, using Aussie dry shampoo, can't wait to get some and give it a go :-)

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