The Long and Short of it

What does your nightie reveal about you?

From satin and lace to ankle skimming cotton, what you like to wear to bed says a lot about you and your mood. Take our quiz now to see what your nightwear reveals – and find the right Lenor range to match your evening mood.

The long and the short of it
My nightwear is:

  1. Ankle-skimming
  2. Medium
  3. Short on modesty


One piece or two
I prefer:

  1. Pyjamas
  2. Nightie
  3. Naughty

Touchy feely
I’m drawn to:  

  1. Winceyette
  2. Silk or cotton
  3. Lacy and racy

In the pink
You’ll tend to find me:

  1. All in white
  2. In black or brights
  3. In the buff


Your answers

Mostly As

Your answers could mean:

- You have a no-nonsense personality; people struggle to pull the wool/flannel/candlewick/winceyette over your eyes…

- You’re a traditionalist; you wouldn’t be caught dead in a leopard print ‘funsie onesie’


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Your Lenor match
- Lenor Soft and Fresh Range: This range, including Spring Awakening and Summer Breeze, has refreshing fragrances for an unforgettable, uplifting experience.

Mostly Bs

Your answers could mean:

- You like to be comfortable and want to feel safe and sure.

- Froufrou just isn’t you-you.

- You’re happy to be one of the crowd.

Your Lenor match
- Lenor Vitality Range: A revitalising range of fragrances combining two scents in one. Why not try Wild Flower Bloom or Ocean Escape?

Mostly Cs

Your answers could mean:

- You are very body confident; happy to flaunt what nature gave you

- You believe that perfume actually is nightwear

Your Lenor match

- Lenor Luxurious range: A perfumed range of irresistible scents that awakens sensuality. Go on, indulge yourself with Gold Orchid, Diamond and Lotus Flower or Topaz and Magnolia.

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My Answers were all c's,and my Lenor match is Lenor Luxuriouse range:. A perfumed range of irresistible scents that awakes sensuality. Today I bought a bottle of Diamond & lotus Flower. So how sensual am I. Happy weekend D.

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My answers were all 2s (B) and coincidentally I've just bought a bottle of wild flower bloom.

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Answers where 1,2,3 not a,b,c's

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Ha! This made me laugh but is probably fairly accurate!

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