Find the best winter knitwear for your body shape

We all love to wrap ourselves up in wool or knit sweaters, especially on cold winter evenings. Follow this advice for picking knitwear that suits your body type

Thin, average height
The best options for this body type are sweaters with ruffles because they give the sensation of volume. To flatter the chest, the neck should be rounded, and a large collar may even be used for emphasis. Another option for a small chest is to wear a sweater with a high collar or with prints (or pockets, for example) in the bust area.

Tip: trousers should be smooth, and never have vertical stripes, because this pattern makes your legs look even skinnier.

Thin, tall
If you are tall and thin, you may have the luxury of using long sweaters, emphasizing the narrow lines of your body without sacrificing elegance. Normally, these people also have a long neck and, in this case, all types of collars look good. Otherwise, if you have a short neck, (or large chest) do not use tall collars.

Tip: wear a very long sweater with ruffles, and make it a dress, black leggings and medium height boots. Guaranteed success!


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Short, curvy
Ideal sweaters are smooth and thin, which help you appear thinner. However, do not shy away from choosing favorite colors and patterns, provided they are not too large. The idea that only smooth sweaters with neutral colours look good could not be further from the truth. For this type of body sweaters with horizontal stripes are not recommended, because they give the sense of bulk.

As for necklines, the best are "V" necks because they are ideal for elongating the neck and slimming the body.

Wide hips
To disguise wide hips, choose a style of sweater with details on the shoulders because this will enhance the width of your shoulders and remove any "pressure" from the lower portion of your body.

Tip: always seek to match with tighter and smoother trouserss, in order to balance with the upper body.

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There are lot of shapes missing here! Come autumn ALL my sweaters have polo necks until Spring sunshine warms my old bones.

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