How to work this season’s colours

Daring, innovative, bold – words that are not quite top of mind expressions when it comes to simple everyday outfits. Let’s change that! However this year is all about working the solid, traditional, rather muted colours like black and different shades of grey, the challenge lays in the art of applying decisive, upfront, eccentric accessories.

This is the era of sunglasses, earrings, statement necklaces, bright bags, and all the stuff that makes traditional pieces a little bit edgy and work as attention magnets.

The art of pairing colors

You can create a gorgeous outfit by matching colours from the same “family”, like pastels with pastels. Pairing complementary shades also works - opposites attract each other - or try different shades of the same colour (Yes! Red and pink go well together). However the real protagonists this season are jewel tones - tones which resemble well known gemstones, either precious or semi-precious ones. They are ambitious, confident shades merging smoothly together like emerald green or topaz yellow, bringing metal shine and golden overtone into your outfit. Check out the colour wheel to get some inspiration!

Play with vibrant accessories to revamp your little black dress

Even if you are more of a traditional person, you can spice up your wardrobe. Black is good: timeless and elegant, definitely a keeper, but try to complement it and for the sake of fun, forget white for a moment.

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Customize its tone of voice by choosing other perfect companions, like eccentric accessories. Put on a trench coat of a jewel tone (cranberry, deep emerald, honey mustard) and give it a push with a refined and flashy statement necklace. On one hand, the colors will interact in perfect harmony and on the other, the more daring attitude of wearing anything but decent accessories will grant your black dress a whole new life.

How to take care of your colored clothes and accessories

Keep colours bright, keep colours vibrant, keep Ariel Colour & Style laundry detergent at home and trust its professionalism to care for your shades.

P.S.: If you experience a lack of inspiration, pick out a print from your wardrobe and break it down into its different colours. Wear clothes made of the most-used colours and top it off with accessories of the shades of the least-used colours. It is the best way to create colour combinations you have never even dreamed of and a good way to reinvent your outfit.

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