2 day-to-night up-do’s

Trend on Trial

2 day-to-night up-do’s

As a rule, I tend to steer clear of ‘party hair’. Whilst I have been writing about beauty trends for two decades, a champagne bash can send even the most adept into a beauty tailspin and I’m no exception! There are two fears: one that I look like I’m trying too hard – one backcomb action too many and a drop too much styling cream translates into stiff and overly formal; AKA ageing. And, two, that I don’t look like myself. The winning principal in dressing hair for the evening is the same as choosing a dress to wear – it’s all about maintaining the right attitude, one that matches your personality. For me, that’s classic with a twist. My day uniform is relaxed and casual – smart, not scruffy, undone but put-together; in other words, never stiff, never tight, never uncomfortable. So, for this trend-on-trial I attempted a bun and super easy chignon that can withstand a night of dancing.

The easiest chignon

As I don’t do regal, my take on a chignon is a loop secured with a clip. I chose something special and oversized, a giant faux gold Chanel clip that was a Christmas gift from last year, to give the opposing wink of casual and expensive. One thing I’ve learnt from hairdressers in the past is that the best up-do’s are done without the aid of a mirror, as feeling your way always results in the most natural look. So, I tip my head backwards, gather my hair in my hands and twist it into a figure 8 shape. Holding it in place with my hands, I then lift my head upright and apply my clip. A mist of hairspray later and I’m LBD ready.

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My 5 second bun

I’ve longed to master the neat ballerina bun, but recently I gave up. Mostly because I decided that bun pins and hair grips aren’t comfortable and often need fiddling around with throughout the night. So, I have adopted a speed adaptation of the traditional bun that can be dressed up for the evening. The only thing you must obey here is the placement of the bun. I always start with a ponytail in a direct 45 degree angle from the jaw line upward as this I’ve found is the most flattering place. Not too high, nor too low. Now, here’s the trick. As you tie your hair band around, when it comes to the last loop, don’t pull the hair all the way through, leaving a small loop and excess hair sticking out. Simply wrap the excess around the hair band, tucking it in discreetly. If you’re wearing a simple dress, then decorate with a jewelled hair comb or one or two diamante hair pins.

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