Five ways to nourish your body this autumn

Five ways to nourish your body this autumn

There’s a chill in the air, but the arrival of colder weather doesn’t need to mean chapped skin, comfort-eating and damaged hair, thanks to these great tips.

While you might miss the summer sunshine (even after a classic British summer!), there’s something lovely about the transition into autumn. Getting back into those cosy jumpers and scarves, walks through golden parks in crisp, cool weather, the sheer joy of kids and dogs splashing into puddles…

And while there are downsides too (cold-weather appetites, straw-like windswept hair, a dried-out complexion), there are easy ways to stay healthy through the winter months.

From getting your comfort-food fix without the calories to keeping your skin and hair nourished all the way through till spring, here are our five top tips.

1. Make a weekly batch of bread and soup

Making your own bread might seem like a hassle, but actually it’s really easy once you’ve mastered the basics, and if you make enough you can freeze it too – and it’s better for you than ready-made. There are plenty of recipes online, and once you’re in the habit it just becomes part of your routine.

Try using your Sundays to make a batch of bread rolls to go along with a weekly supply of healthy lentil soup (spice it up with some curry paste). It’ll keep you and the family going for a few days, is super-cheap and you won’t find a more nourishing meal. Our article Power Soups for Winter has some really easy, filling recipes.

2. Moisturise to the max

The cool, dry air of autumn can play havoc with your skin, so as well as exfoliating face and body regularly, be sure to keep moisturised. It’s helpful to always have a little tube of hand cream in your bag, ready to revive chapped hands, and don’t forget to use an SPF15 moisturiser on the face.

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3. Nourish your hair and scalp

You might think you’d have to choose between a dandruff-free scalp and healthy hair, but with new Head & Shoulders Nourishing Care Shampoo you don’t have to compromise. While leaving your scalp flake-free, it also contains natural ingredients, including rosemary essence, to gently care for and moisturise your hair.

4. Treat yourself to some alpaca knitwear

Alpaca is the new cashmere – a yarn that is super-soft, but more affordable, and more ethically produced, too, often on British farms. Whether you’re able to splash out on a thick, soft wrap or scarf, or you just indulge in a pair of socks or some fashionable fingerless mittens, you’ll find yourself cuddling up to your knitwear all autumn and winter. It can still be hard to find on the high street, but it’s easily sourced online from small producers – and you could even buy some yarn and knit your own!

5. Nurture your mind and soul

Tempting though it is to hunker down in front of your favourite TV programmes once the winter draws near, why not try to make use of those longer evenings to keep your brain ticking over or explore your creativity?

Whether it’s as simple as trying to find 20 minutes to meditate or do yoga, or something more ambitious like writing a journal, learning a new hobby, or revisiting an old favourite such as knitting or art, you’ll feel better and more productive if you don’t let your mind stagnate. You do enough for everyone else: do something for you, for a change.

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What are your tips for staying nourished this autumn? Let us know in the comments box below.

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