How to care for a stressed scalp

How to care for a stressed scalp

If daily hair care is not handled properly, scalp stress will occur, which can result in hair loss, oily/dry hair, and hair odor. To avoid such problems, make sure you are following the steps below to prevent scalp stress.

Step 1: Shampoo to remove dirt from your scalp and hair

Remove dirt, etc., by scrubbing in a zigzag pattern

Move your fingers in a zigzag pattern starting from the front toward the back to remove unwanted oils and dirt from your hair and scalp. Scrub gently (especially the top of the head).

Step 2: Refresh Your Scalp by Massaging

Massage the scalp with palm sand

After shampooing, apply the massage cream to your clean hair and scalp and lightly massage it in for about one minute. Spread the cream evenly over the head, and interlock your fingers over your head and use the bottom portions of your palms to pinch the scalp and squeeze it to release the tension.

Step 3: Conditioner & treatment for your scalp to keep In skin oils and moisture

Squeeze it down to bring the moisture to the hair and scalp


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Bundle your hair and pull it toward the front to infuse the components of the conditioner/treatment, and use your other hand to squeeze down toward the tip of the hair to trap in the moisture.

Products for Releasing Scalp Stress

● H&S Moisture Series for dry, itchy scalp

Micro pearl mineral EX* is infused to hair that feels loose and for scalp stress such as itchiness and dryness that cannot be helped by conventional hair care products.
The scalp is moisturized each time it is used to moisturize hair from the root for shiny hair. Use all the products in this series to benefit fully.

● H&S Refresh Series for itchy, oily scalp

Micro pearl mineral EX* is infused to oily and smelly hair that cannot be helped by conventional hair care products. Excess oil from the scalp is removed and pores are unclogged. The cooling sensation from refreshing herbs extracted from 100% natural mint extract refreshes your scalp.

* Zinc pyrithione solution Prevents dryness, itchiness, dandruff, and oiliness

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