How to choose a fail-proof perm

How to choose a fail-proof perm

You may wish to have a perm to try something new with your hair. But you may also have some concerns. For example, you may be worried that if it doesn’t look good, it will be difficult to go back. Or you may not know how to explain the look you want. However, if you can understand your face shape and hair type, you will be able to choose the right kind of perm that will make you look your best.

Where to add waves and volume according to your face shape

Curls and waves are actually suitable for any face shape. If you feel that these are unflattering for you, this likely because the volume was added to the wrong areas or in the wrong way. For round faces, the top needs more volume will less volume on the sides. For V-shaped faces, the volume needs to be around the chin line, and loose curls are best. For square faces, the perm needs to be applied starting from the lip level down, but be careful to avoid too much volume. Pentagonal shaped faces are matching with a body perm that adds curves to the overall shape, which will help soften the face. For oval shaped faces, any type of perm can be used; you may even be able to try more fancy styles such as a spiral perm.


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Perms to cover hair problems

Improving your hair takes patience and time, but a good perm can be used to cover over certain problems. If your hair is flat, try a body perm to add overall volume. A root perm is recommended to make roots stand up. A root perm is perfect for short hair. If you have longer hair and want it to move naturally with your body movement, a light wave may be just what you need. For a more natural style, you can choose a mixed perm using different sized rods. By giving a perm to only part of your hair such as only the bottom half or only at the tips, you can easily create different styles and add volume.

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