Erica Davies: Products to wear, for every day hair

Products to wear for everyday hair

Can’t do a thing with your hair? Let the stylist and fashion writer Erica Davies talk you through her tips for easy, beautiful tresses

I know I have touched upon my hair boredom before, but in summary it’s straight if I have time, curly most of the time (or more specifically, frizzy waves) and in between washes I put it into a messy bun.

In short, I don’t do a lot with it. But this month I have been totally inspired by award season, so wanted to bring some elements of what we have seen on the red carpet to an every day hair look.

The products I’ve been trialling are:
• Aussie Miracle Take The Heat Shampoo and Conditioner
• Aussie Miracle Recharge Lightweight Conditioning Spray
• Head and Shoulders Extra Thickening Treatment


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LOOK 1: The wavy bob
This is my default ‘do, which depends very much on the hair products I use. I washed with the Aussie Take The Heat shampoo and a good amount of conditioner to try and combat the frizz. After I’d towel dried, I spritzed some of the lightweight conditioning spray through and combed it throughout. I parted my hair slightly on the side and used the dryer to get rid of most moisture. I was impressed by how frizz-free it was considering I hadn’t applied any serum. It also fell into nice waves rather than fuzzy corkscrews. Thumbs up.

LOOK 2: The Alexa-style Fashion Week plaits
Alexa Chung rocked a Heidi plaited look with her hair at LFW and I love this style so wanted to try it using the products. After washing and conditioning as above, I smoothed some of the Head and Shoulders Extra Thickening Treatment through my hair to give it some shine and smooth those wispy bits. I gave myself a side parting and French plaited (of sorts, it’s a bit messy!) both of the front sections, before gathering them at the back and tying in a low pony tail. The tonic gave a really nice shine and made my hair easy to work with. This look works even better if your hair is still slightly damp – then you have nice waves when you let it out.

LOOK 3: The Margot Robbie Oscars sidesweep
Oh how I loved these ladies at last month’s Oscars. All rocked a version of the wavy bob, but slicked back on one side. It looks modern and clean and could easily be adapted to everyday wear. It is essentially a version of Look 1, but rather than leave it loose, I added more of the H&S tonic serum spray to smooth down one side before using grips to secure it. I added a couple more drops to the side that had been left down to add extra shine and definition before using the hair spray all over to make sure it stayed in place. I loved the effect the products had on this look – definitely one I will be wearing more often.

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Nioxen I have used the system one a few years ago its brilliant shampoo for fine hair and hair loss amazing and worth every penny love it

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I am disabled and have long thick hair which I struggle with so I just stick it up in a pony or bun as it's easy cos it's always knotty. I've not tried these products but would love to be given the chance to trial these products and offer my reviews on them for you ��

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might have to try some of these, as a new mum (well 4months in!) i find my hair is generally scraped back into a pony tail or loose bun. I have long thick hair which can be a nightmare to brush as it gets tatted very easily. I have the aussie leave in conditioner which is pretty good and smells amazing! always looking for new hair products and stele ideas

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I haven't had the privilege of trying any of your products but I would love to sample and give my review

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Wavey bob is lovely ❤

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