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Q&A: Spring hair care and styling

As a new season hits, our beauty experts answer your burning questions on caring for your hair…

Q: Is there a hairdresser's trick for ensuring a hair mask penetrates deeply for maximum benefits? Z. Watson

A: The best way to make sure a hair mask penetrates the hair is to leave it in for as long as possible before washing out. Apply Pantene Pro-V Colour Protect 2Min Damage Rescue Treatment RRP £4.49 to hair, working from mid length down to the tips, ensuring the conditioner is evenly distributed.  Pull hair back off the face and secure with a hair-band at the nape of the neck in a low ponytail. Plait the length of the ponytail, secure and now pull the braid up to the central part of your head and wrap around to form a bun. Secure with some hairpins to ensure style remains in place. Smooth any stray hairs with a pin. Wear hair like this all day at the beach to really let the conditioner penetrate hair: for evening apply a decorative flower accessory to add sophisticated glamour.

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Q: Why is it a good idea to invest the same amount of time you spend looking after your skin on your hair? Is this the same with at-home hair products as well as in-salon treatments? C. Wheat

A: It’s not a question of spending more time on your hair; it’s more a question of fitting it into you regular beauty regime. It doesn’t take long to comb a conditioner through your hair and there are lots of things you could be doing in the 5 minutes it takes for the treatment to do its work, plus you don’t have to go to the hair salon for expensive conditioning treatments; Pantene’s iconic Smooth & Sleek range is proven to deliver the same results as a £60 spa treatment – healthy and silky smooth hair.

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Q: Can you tell me an easy hair look for Spring? J. Coultard

A: “A great look for the summer is to braid the front section of your hair which acts as a natural hair band. It’s also a nice way to achieve natural looking highlights. Run Pantene Pro-V Perfect Curls Anti-Frizz Curl Definition Cream through your hair to create a natural looking wave, the built in humidity-guard will prevent frizz and flyaways.”


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