Solutions for women with thinning hair

Solutions for women with thinning hair

As we get older, our hair gets thinner. That’s just the way it goes. Cuticle damage due to poor blood circulation in the scalp can make this worse. As a person’s ability to produce new roots decreases, hair flattens out and the part gradually become more obvious, which makes thinning even more apparent. Are we powerless to combat this? Of course not! Here are some steps you can take if you are concerned about this problem.

“Aging Care” for your hair
While bathing, gently wash your hair with hot water and shampoo.
Be careful not to wash age-weakened hair too vigorously. First, use just “hot water” to rinse out styling products for about one minute. Next, use shampoo to create a lather and massage it into your hair using the pads of your fingers (not your nails) until your scalp and hair are completely clean.

While bathing, use a light hair treatment to prevent deterioration
Some people believe that hair treatments will make their hair oily or that if their hair is dark, they don’t need to worry about damage. The truth, though, is that without treatment, your hair will continue to become weaker and thinner, and your ability to grow new hair will decrease. Use a light finishing treatment to repair your hair and keep it healthy without it becoming overly heavy.


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After bathing, use a leave-in treatment to lift up your hair
Hair driers, brushing and styling, friction with pillows while sleeping – all of these things cause hair damage and cannot be avoided. However, you can counteract this by using a leave-in treatment to coat the surface of your hair. This will help to protect your hair and ensure that it stays beautiful for years to come.

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