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Beauty talk: The Nip Tuck Report is in...

Would you, could you? Our new Beauty Recommended Facebook poll reveals how you really feel about cosmetic surgery.

In Olay’s Big Beauty Poll, 63% of women would consider having an anti-ageing cosmetic procedure. Whether to nip and tuck is always a hot topic, so we polled Beauty Recommended Facebook fans to get the discussion started. The results are in:

Cosmetic surgery: Most of you are tempted

When asked, would you consider having a cosmetic procedure? 70% said yes! Which procedure would you have? Botox and a chemical peel ranked joint first both scoring 26.7% of the votes, followed by laser at 20%, then fillers at 17%. With a face-lift scoring 10% of the votes.

Wrinkles are your top ageing concern

When asked, what is your main ageing concern, wrinkles came top at 29%, while 27% said looking tired and unhappy. Dull lacklustre skin was also the main concern for 27%, while skin sagging was the least concern at 17%.


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Eyes are the feature you worry about most

What area of the face concerns you the most? A whopping 51% said eyes, followed by skin complexion at 29%. Other mild concerns were chin and neck 10%, jowls 5% and hollow cheekbones 5%.

Women rule in their 30s and 40s

What age is a woman in her prime? Surprisingly it’s not her 20s. 30s scored highest at 51%, then 40s at 27%, followed by 20s then 50s.

Being happy makes you feel younger

When asked, what is the most effective alternative to anti-ageing treatment, 30% of you said being happy with yourself, 22% said a healthy diet, 20% the right make-up, and 15% said being fit and toned.

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The Silk-expert is a delight

The Silk-expert is a delight


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