Enhancing Asian beauty with makeup

Enhancing Asian beauty with makeup

It is common for women to color their hair. However, if you are blessed with beautiful black hair, why not enjoy the current trend by leaving it as natural and occasionally enjoy cool and sexy makeup that accentuates your Asian features?

Undamaged, Beautiful Black Hair
First of all, utilize your smooth, straight black hair. Black hair can be viewed as mysterious, but if it is wavy or dry, its appeal is diminished. Therefore, it is important to maintain your hair using treatments.

Smooth, Beautiful Skin
Another key feature to utilize is your smooth, beautiful skin. Cover freckles and other blemishes to create white, poreless, porcelain skin. However, if the whole face is just white, this will accentuate the flatness of the face, which can make your face look larger. Therefore, only cover areas of concern and avoid putting on too much makeup.


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Almond-shaped eyes are essential
- Eyebrows should not be simple arches. They must have peaks with clean lines. Black and grey go well with black hair.
- Minimize your eyelids, which are typically outstanding, to make your eyes look bigger. Create a gradation using gold or brown eyeshadow to make your eyes pop.
- The key to creating the almond shape is a long, thick eye line. Be sure not to bring the corners of your eyes down. Continue the line straight out for a cooler look.

Add Dimension to Your Face
You need to add blush, not just for color, but to add dimension to your face. Beige or coral are recommended as they are easy to blend with your skin color.
Don’t use an overly strong color on your lips. Also, add a good amount of lip gloss at the center of your lips to give them depth and a perfect shiny finish.

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