Get brighter eyes in 5 minutes

Get brighter eyes in 5 minutes

Try some simple ideas to get those eyes looking fresh and lovely again.

If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends by working and partying too hard, then your eyes will be the first to show it, especially as skin in the eye area is particularly thin and delicate. If you don’t want to give in and go for the “paparazzi-dodging celeb” look behind huge sunglasses, try these quick tips.

1. Give your eyes a bath.
Perk up your peepers in an instant with a soothing eyebath. Use an over-the-counter eye bath solution or just pure, cool water.

2. Apply a beauty treatment.
Try Olay Regenerist eye derma-pods for radiant, dramatically younger looking eyes.


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3. Apply the right make-up.
Smooth on some eye cream and start disguising your all-night antics with a few make-up tricks. A good concealer will cover up those dark circles for a start, then when you’ve applied your usual eye shadow smooth a pale colour just underneath the brow to make the eyes look brighter.

4. Liven up your lashes.
Volumising mascara will make you look awake, alert and ready to face the world. If you’re going out in the evening after a long hard day, why not give false eyelashes a go?

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