How to add shape to flat features using contouring

How to add shape to flat features using contouring

If you want to make flat features stand out, you need to utilize shading and highlighting. The brightness of the highlights can be used to bring out high areas, and shadows can be used to show depth. This contrast will sharpen the contours of your face while making it appear tighter.

Choosing the right colors for highlights and how to use them
For highlights, brilliant white and pink with fine glitter are recommended.
Areas where highlights need to be applied include the T-zone, which should appear highest on the face. Apply lightly from the forehead down the bridge of the nose to the tip. Light will immediately be picked up by the center of the face, making it appear more compact.

Trends for apply highlights
Until recently, the area around the corners of the eyes was a typical area for application. However, this can make one’s face appear wider, so most people now avoid this. The current trend is to apply it to the triangle-zone below the eyes. When light hits the inside and outside corners of the eyes and the tip of the nose, the overall impression of the face will be bright. By applying it to the tip of the chin, to the contours of the top lip, and above and below the eyebrows, it creates clear contours and gives your face contrast.


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Shading tips
It is easy to just add shading to the cheeks, but if the color is too dark, the makeup will look too much. The key is to use a large brush and apply it lightly. Matte colors that are one or two shades darker than your actual skin tone are recommended. Apply it along your face line from the temples to the tip of the chin and along the hairline.

Tips for giving your face more dimension The combination of highlighting and nose shadow will help make the bridge of the nose stand out. It is applied along the bridge of the nose starting from between the eyebrows. Just be careful not to go overboard. To be safe, apply it only from between the eyebrows to the inner corners of the eyes. If you have a round nose, add light shading to the indentations at the tip of the nose and nostrils to give your nose a finer appearance.

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