Make up do’s and don’ts

Six steps to flawless make-up

Remember these tips and you will achieve a gorgeous look in no time, every time

With vloggers and Instagram stars giving hundreds upon hundreds of tutorials, make-up appears to have become somewhat of an art form in recent years.

But who has that much time on their hands? Just remember these basics, and looking fabulous will be easy peasy.

1. Get the right tools for the job

Investing in some good-quality brushes, sponges and applicators will mean you get the most out of your make-up. A good foundation brush or sponge can help with blending your base to make it look seamless, for example.

You should wash your brushes regularly – once a week ideally, but as often as you can is good. Gently swish them about in warm water with a small squirt of Fairy Liquid and pat them dry with a clean towel.

2. Buy the right make-up for you

Consider your skin type when buying make-up. For example, if you have oily skin, a matte foundation works best, whereas that will look cakey if you have dry skin. Instead, go for a tinted moisturiser, like Olay Regenerist CC Cream, which mixes serum, SPF 15 moisturiser and a sheer foundation for a flawless finish.

Creamy eye shadows and blushers also sit better on dry skin, whereas powders will have better staying power on oily skin.

Bonus tip: for longer-lasting make-up, always go for the waterproof option.

3. Have fun experimenting

It’s easy to rely on the same-old shades and get stuck in a make-up rut. For a good way to explore other colours that might suit you, ask at a beauty counter for a free make-up session. Tell them what make-up you usually wear, and the experienced make-up artist should be able to create a different look for you that will look great. You might even find your new can’t-live-without-it product!

Or why not play makeovers with the kids? They can dress up in your clothes and play with your (old) make-up, while you try out different colours on your eyes, lips and cheeks.

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For example, try a brown or purple smoky eye instead of black, or mix your pink and red lipsticks to create a new coral hue. Not only is experimenting with your make-up fun, but it will also keep your look fresh and up to date – plus your kids will have a blast!

4. Use a light touch

Thick make-up can look cakey, fake and enhance pores. A good trick is to start with a concealer to cover up any dark spots and imperfections, and you may discover you don’t even need foundation.

If you do still want a base, make it light, as remember you will be layering it with powder, blusher and possibly contouring shades, so it’s better to build the coverage gradually until you’ve achieved the look you want.

5. Focus on one feature

Like the cleavage or legs rule, you should only highlight your eyes or your lips. Try pairing smoky eyes with a barely there lip colour, or balance your glossy, come-hither pout with just a light outline of mascara and a small flick of eyeliner. Less is more.

6. Don’t be afraid to shade

Flawless make-up is all about seamless shading. For the face, start with a light base and use a darker shade just under your cheekbones, around the top of your forehead and along your jaw line. Then use a lighter shade in your T-zone and under your eyes. Keep it subtle – the idea is you want to enhance your natural bone structure, not to look like you’re wearing a tribal mask!

With your eye shadow, too, start with a light base, covering your lid right up to the brow, then use a medium shade across the lid up to your eye socket, and finish with the darkest shade close to the lash line, building up at the corners, and a thin line along the outer bottom lashes.

For a final, brightening touch, add some highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes.

What are your make-up tips? Let us know in the comments section below.

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I have to wear strong defined eye make up as I wear glasses; my eyes look terrible without it! Can't live without my liquid eyeliner - it's a God send!

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I've been experimenting with my make up a lot lately and getting more adventurous at trying different colours, especially eye shadows that I never thought would suit know the ones that come in those palettes and never normally get used??? ...try them!

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Lovely ladies can I ask which make you would recommend for a 1e year old please and the best place to buy it from tia x

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love my make couldnt live without it need some miracle concelar though x

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This was amazing really made me have a re think about what i actually need in my everyday makeup bag

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