What men really think about... smokey eyes

What men really think about... smoky eyes

We’re all obsessed with smoky eye make up, but do our men feel the same way? We polled a panel of men to find out the truth

This month, Beauty Recommended polled 10 men to find out whether dark and sultry smoky eye make-up really floats their boat, or if they find the panda-eyed look a little too much. The result? Nine out of ten in our panel gave the smoky look a resounding thumbs-up. Here’s what they said…


“I usually prefer more natural looking eye make up. However, I really like this smoky eye effect as it emphasises the eyes and gives a somewhat sultry look,” says Danny Shine from Chester. “I think the rest of the make-up should be kept simple, otherwise I’d find it a bit too much.”?

“Yes to smoky eyes! Day or night you can't beat a smoky eye,” says Michael Reynolds from Essex.


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“I like the smoky eye look – as long as it’s not too strong,” says Tom Cornish, 25, from Chester. “I think it can make a girl’s eyes really stand out, but I’m not into loads of different colours…if it looks natural, then it gets the thumbs up from me.”


“Smoky eye makeup is not for me. I prefer the more natural make up look,” says Manfred Spille from Shrewsbury. “For example the model here has nice big eyes, so why enhance lovely eyes when there is no need?”

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I've never mastered eye makeup in any form, but I do like the smoky eye as long as its fairly subtle

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I have tried smokey eye look & look emo. I sell make up online thru social media. I wud love to learn how. I'm shy so going in2 a store is out of the Q as I wud learn but end up buyin all the stuff. when I have top end @ home. I was u can use tape 2 guide u. I can't blend. I use a base all over the lid. I then use a cream eyeshadow my co does gr8 creams & gold & browns suit me & I will use my highlight pencil @ the inner eyes. So any tips r helpful. Even links. Soz 4 the grammar only 500 text

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No offence to anyone,but who cares what men think??!!! Whatever happened to women dressing for themselves??

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I love the smoky eye effect........tip from a beauty counter. Use eye pencil on your lids before using liquid eyeliner and the eyeliner stays on longer!

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All men think differently, It's about how we as women feel about ourselves that matters :)

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