Tips on age-proofing your skin

Q&A: age-proofing your skin

Olay facialist, Anastasia Achilleos, gives her expert tips on age-proofing your skin

Q: I am 44 and my chest area is starting to have that weathered look about it. How can I gain that youthful appearance again?
Caroline Morgan

A: “Many skincare users neglect the neck and chest area which can result in visible signs of ageing between the face and the chest and neck. Start applying your skincare on all areas, both morning and evening.”

Top tip: “Use Olay Anti-wrinkle Firm & Lift Night Cream on the face and chest area – within a few weeks you will see tighter, firmer and smoother skin.”

Q: I am 45 and I have noticed wrinkles appearing just above my cleavage, creating a kind of creping effect – how can I prevent this getting worse?
Linda Robbie

A: “We usually forget to moisturise our breast area and it can lead to premature ageing. It’s also crucial to apply SPF onto this area on a daily basis. Even if there is no sun, harmful UV rays can still cause ageing.”

Top Tip: “Use your anti-ageing cream right the way down to your breast bone area and spend 1-2 minutes massaging the cream into the skin. This has a toning effect. If your skincare does not contain any SPF make sure you apply it separately on top. If you are spending a prolonged amount of time in the sun, apply a higher factor. However, ideally limit the amount of sun on this area as it is delicate.”


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Q: I recently turned 40 and lost some weight, but now I notice the skin on my neck is sagging and wrinkled. How can I minimise this appearance?
Sue Jarvis

A: “Happy birthday Sue, they say life begins at 40! Upgrading your anti-ageing ingredients at this point in your life should make a significant difference. It’s time to start layering your products by using both a serum and a cream to give the skin greater comfort and help improve the texture.”

Top Tip: “Use Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Serum and Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream together, both morning and evening. Spend 1-2 minutes massaging with upward and circular strokes.”

Q: How do I prevent my neck from ageing? Should I always apply sun cream to my neck as well as my face?
Jenna Chynoweth

A: “The neck is often neglected and therefore shows signs of premature ageing. Always use your skincare on your face, neck and chest area. Plus, make sure you apply a daily SPF15 or higher in the sun and look for skincare that has multiple benefits like Olay Total Effects Day Cream SPF15.”

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I'm on a lot of medications for several health issues, the latest being cancer but I'm on the mend ,my concern is with the weight loss I've had my belly,legs and face are all a bit worse for wear is there anything that takes care of all 3 areas as I'm on a tight budget ?? Thanks

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I am 55 years old an have started to get brown patches on my cheeks and arms not worried about my arms but is their something I can do about my face

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I will be applying my moisturiser on my neck and breast bone great tip thank you.

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Nice article

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How can I get my skin to look fresher and not so dull. I am old 64 !!! I know its to late to get rid of any wrinkles but I would like my skin to look fresher than it does. What ever makeup I use does not make any difference It still looks dull

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