Make your skin look silky and beautiful

Make your skin look silky and beautiful

Women throughout the world aspire to have fresh and silky skin. To have such skin, it is essential to lock in moisture through daily skincare. Follow these quick and easy skincare techniques that will help you achieve silky skin.

Step 1: How to wash your skin without drying it out
Gel-type cleansers are recommended for washing dry skin during dry weather because these are able to cleanse the skin while leaving it moist. Next, use a facial cleanser to remove dirt from the pores. Hot water (around 40°C or hotter) can dry out your skin, so be sure to use lukewarm (body temperature) water.

Step 2: how to moisturize and apply lotions and serums to get the most benefit
After removing all dirt, skin is better able to absorb moisture from lotions and serums. Apply them so that the essential components are able to reach the bottom of the skin.
- Lotions and Emulsions: First, it is recommended that you use a pre-lotion for moisturizing your skin so that the emulsion will be fully absorbed. Next, place a large coin-sized amount of lotion onto a cotton ball, and gently press when applying so that the skin is nice and plump. Do not slap it on. Pat while pressing gently.

- Serum: Place some serum onto both cheeks, the chin, and forehead, and use your finger pads to gently spread it. If you want to use multiple types of serums, place a small amount of each onto the back of your hand, and then apply them starting with the one that is absorbed the fastest.


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- Massage: Use a pearl-sized amount of emulsion and massage for about one minute to improve the silkiness and firmness.
First, massage below the ears, the temples, and below the eyes in a circular motion. Next, massage from the corners of the eyes to the jaw joint. Finally, massage your forehead.

Step 3: Use protection cream to keep the moisture in
Take some cream (about the size of a pearl) and spread it over your whole face to seal in the moisture and other useful components.

Tip: How to use highlights to further enhance your skin
Highlights can enrich your carefully applied base makeup and primers that can brighten your skin tone such as those with fine glitter can create a silky look. Lightly apply pearly white and light pink to your cheeks and T-zone from the forehead and bridge of the nose, and chin. By brightening such areas, your skin will look beautiful overall. Using a liquid type can give a silkier feeling and enrich your beauty even more.

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